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How to Add a Subpage in WordPress?

Add a Subpage in Wordpress
Yashwant Shakyawal

Do you know How to Add a Subpage in WordPress? WordPress is a trendy open-supply weblog that was introduced in 2003. Bloggers can use the person-friendly template system to decide upon the appeal of their web publication and then publish prose, portraits, and hyperlinks on their topics of an option. Among the many many facets that the templates have is the possibility to divide the weblog into sections consistent with issues. To do that, you need to have a WordPress blog and be fairly conversant in your dashboard that controls the seem of your web publication. Pages and sub-pages are generally called mum or dad and little one pages, respectively. This text will show you need to add a sub-page in WordPress.


Step 1. Log in to your WordPress blog. In case you should not have a WordPress blog, go to their house page and click on on the orange button that says “Get began here.” it’s going to take you via the signal up system.



Step 2. Click on “My Account” on the left side of the toolbar at the top of the page.

Step 3. Select the word “Pages” on the dashboard. The dashboard is the vertical record of words jogging down the left facet of the page.


Step 4. Make a page, if you have not already done so. You’ll want a father or mother web page under which you could list your subpage. On the “Pages” reveal, decide on “Add New,” to the right of the word “Pages.”


When the page type seems, style a title and any content material that you wish to have to be posted to your web page. Then click the “post” button on the correct to submit it to your site. That you may also click “Save Draft” or “Preview” in case you are not capable to put up it to the web site.

Step 5. Create another page that you would like to be a subpage, or child page to your parent page if you have not already done so. You will go by way of the identical approach of typing a title and together with content that you want under that page. Then which you could submit, retailer a draft and/or preview your WordPress subpage.


Step 6. Go back to your page list by clicking on “Pages” on the dashboard. There you will see a list of all of the pages you could have created.


Step 7. Click on the page name that you want to turn into a subpage.

Step 8. This will bring you to the “Edit Page” screen that allows you to change anything on the page. Look for a box on the proper hand part of your web page that claims “Page Attributes.”


Step 9. Click on the drop-down menu under the word “Parent.” this may list the entire pages that you’ve created. Opt for the web page that you need your subpage to be listed below. Then click on the blue “replace” button.


Step 10. You can choose to use the default listing of subpages that came with the template of your blog, or you can use the drop-down menu below the “Parent” menu to choose to list pages as a site-map, an archives page or at full-width. Test to look which look you decide on.

Step 11. View your page to see the hierarchy of your pages Go to your Pages screen to see how your pages are listed in a hierarchy.

Step 12. Repeat with any other pages you would like to place in a hierarchy. The hyperlinks to those pages will replicate that they’re beneath your WordPress guardian web page.

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