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How To Change The Permalink To Make Your URL More User And SEO Friendly?

How To Change The Permalink
Yashwant Shakyawal

Hello guys, today in this blog post, we are going to discuss how to change the permalink to make your URL more user and SEO friendly. So keep reading.

One very simple way, but it is very effective to simplify your blog URL and make it users and search engines often ignored. Changing the permalink structure on your blog will make it easier for your readers to find out where they are on your site but can also really help your SEO efforts.

What Are Permalinks And How Do You Change Them?

The consistent URL structure can make your site more friendly SEO, allowing you to attract more visitors from search engines. If your pages are structured logically, your visitors will find it easier to find their way through your site.

Without hesitation, the permalink structure must be evaluated as part of your SEO strategy. However, WordPress’s ability to modify the URL is clearly limited. In general, you can modify the structure for posts and pages; but not for the type of post and special taxonomy.

What Is An Example Of A Permalink?

What is a permalink – Permalink usually consists of two parts: one is a domain name and the other comes after the domain and is known as a snail?

For New Installations

If you have a new WordPress installation or plan your next installation; follow these simple steps to change your permalink structure: After you install WordPress log in, and you will arrive at the dashboard.

On the left side of the dashboard, you will see the menu tab list. When you direct the mouse over a different menu, the arrow appears at the end. Navigate to the settings menu and click arrows. The tensile menu will now appear.
Click the ‘Permalinks’ link. You must now be on the ‘Permalinks Settings’ page.

You will now see that you have 5 options, and the new WordPress installation will be arranged to the default option. As you can see from the example he gave, for every post you made; it gives a page number that is not too ideal.

For Blogs Installed – How To Install Plugin

If your blog has been installed and you have never changed your permalink’s structure and have made many posts; you must first install a plugin called ‘Permalinks Migration Plugin’ before you can change your permalink structure.

You can download the plugin first. After you download the plugin and install it to your plugin folder via your FTP client, log in to your blog dashboard.

After you enter the dashboard, click the ‘plugins’ link on the menu on the left side. You must now be on the ‘Plugin’ page, scroll down until you find the ‘Permalinks Dean Migration’ plugin, and click the ‘Activate’ link. Now you have activated the plugin; click on the ‘Settings’ tensile menu on the left side and click the ‘PermalinkSmigration’ link.

How Do I Change Permalink In WordPress Using The Permalink Manager?

Perhaps the most famous problem with WordPress is the lack of ability to freely change permalinks. That’s because WordPress provides several basic URL structure options.

In contrast to the default rewriting function, the Permalink Manager allows you to adjust and change the Permalink format in WordPress in any way you want. Moreover, this was developed to overcome this problem and provide greater flexibility to users in terms of URL customization.

If you don’t like what WordPress offers, you can use a plugin to rewrite your permalink structure in minutes. It should be noted that the plugin functions with a special type of post and taxonomy built with a third-party plugin and special code footage.

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