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An Israeli 3D printing startup announces move to print stem cells

Yashwant Shakyawal

An Israeli 3D printing startup announces move to print stem cells

In Associate in Nursing uncommon move Nano Dimension, Associate in Nursing Israeli company known as centered on printing electricity-conducting nano-material ink is increasing into the biotech sector

Israel-Flag-Small Gedalyah RebackMay thirty one, 2024

Nano Dimension, a 3D bioprinting company situated in cape Ziona, Israel, has with success tested an epitome for a brand new sort of printer that uses stem cells to supply 3D models. The trial was exhausted in conjunction with Haifa-based Accellta.

The move by Nano Dimension could be a major pivot. because the name implies, they need to be been centered on printing nano-sized parts for sturdy physics. vocation it a pivot may well be a leap in itself tho’, as this might be a rare effort by a 3D printing startup to expand at the same time into each biotechnology and physics producing. Their merchandise relies on a mix of inkjet printing, proprietary code, and after all nanomaterials, in the main printing semiconductive and stuff inks for computer circuit boards (PCBs).

“3D printing of living cells could be a technology that’s already taking part in a major role in medical analysis,” same Amit Dror, chief executive officer of Nano Dimension. “But so as to achieve its full potential, for the sector to evolve any, there’s a desire to enhance printing speeds, print resolution, cell management, and viability additionally as cell handiness and bio-ink technologies.”

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Accellta is that the biotech knowledgeable within the relationship. the corporate manufactures “reproducible suspension-based cell culturing systems” that were essential for Nano Dimension’s system.

“By enabling high preciseness 3D bioprinting and differentiation of stem cells into needed tissues, our combined technologies have the potential to alter Brobdingnagian areas of development,” said Dr. Itzchak Angel, Chairman, and chief executive officer of Accellta. “We hope and believe that this may bring the mutual capabilities and power of each corporation to make 3D bioprinting solutions that mix high preciseness, a high-throughput printer with dedicated bio-ink technologies, derived from stem cells.”

Various estimates exist for the long term worth of the trade. Grand read analysis forecasts a $1.82 billion trade by 2025, whereas IDTechEx predicts it’ll value over $6 billion by 2024.

There are many competitors within the market: EnvisionTEC’s 3D Bioplotter, Organovo’s NovoGen MMX 3D BioPrinter, RegenHU, Cyfuse medicine, Russia-based (and not-so-inspiringly named) 3D Bioprinting Solutions, Regemat3D, the BioAssemblyBot, GeSim Bioscaffolder, and plenty of additional.

Several corporations within the field have conjointly broken the somatic cell barrier. Biogen might need the foremost advanced conception, which is testing a tool that may enable 3D sketching by doctors throughout surgery victimization stem cells and alternative biomaterial. That wouldn’t build the larger printers obsolete, however, facilitate period improvisation by surgeons WHO may like material in general dimensions quicker than specific printing preferences can be uploaded to a bioprinter. A team at Heriot-Watt University in a European country is additionally performing on a valve-based technique to print the cells.

“By combining our high speed, high preciseness inkjet capabilities with Accellta’s somatic cell suspension technologies and elicited differentiation capabilities crystal rectifier by a world-renown cluster of practiced engineers and scientists, we will alter 3D printing at high resolution and high volumes,” Dror additional.

Founded in 2012, Nano Dimension is passed by chief executive officer Amit Dror, CTO Sharon Fima, COO Dagi Ben-Noon, and CBO Simon cooked. the corporate can gift at the LD small invited in l. a. on Gregorian calendar month seven.

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