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Which Type of Hosting is better for WordPress Sites?

Hosting is better for WordPress Sites
Yashwant Shakyawal

Hello, dear readers, if you decide to create a website, have decided on the subject, and then you must first select a domain before it is occupied. And in the second step, you can already choose – to engage in content or purchase hosting.

I recommend working on the contents of the future site – to collect materials, draw all the elements of the project (design work) and much more that you can read about in this blog. And this article is devoted to the type of hosting is better for WordPress sites?

Choosing a quality host provider can be quite a long process, especially if you test everyone. Today we discuss WordPress Hosting types and analyze the main characteristics of hosting and their significance.

Type of WordPress hosting

Each hosting company has equipment that it can rent or buy in anywhere. This equipment is called a server and is located in data centers or, data storage and processing centers.

A large hosting company usually rent servers in several countries to give the client a choice (this will be discussed later). Today, the most hosting company provide three services –

  • Dedicated server
  • Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS \ VPS)
  • Shared hosting

Dedicated server

Buying a dedicated server means renting the entire server (physical machine) purchased by the hosting company. Suitable for serious projects that require a non-standard solution or subject to heavy load. The most expensive service

If you have a large resource-intensive project with a huge number of visitors, then most likely sooner or later you will have to rent a dedicated server.

At the price it will be much more expensive than Shared or VPS hosting, however, as a rule, this is not a particular problem for sites requiring such investments, because such projects usually bring a good income to their owners.

Management capabilities and settings of this type of hosting are not limited. But for this, you need to have advanced technical knowledge of server administration or hire your own programmer who will perform its maintenance.

Advantages – At your disposal the entire server and its resources; ability to change server configuration

Disadvantages – you need to have a large amount of knowledge in the field of system administration or pay for them (either from the hosting provider or hire a person).

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS \ VPS)

This is a dedicated server emulator – the physical machine is divided into parts independent of each other, the hosting provides each such part to the client. In general, this is a stripped down version of a dedicated server. The price is slightly lower than the previous service.

VPS hosting is more stable and reliable compared to Shared. Its main advantage in comparison with the latter is that you get the resources allocated to it in full, without any struggle for them with other sites.

A virtual dedicated server is a reasonable balance between price, reliability and advanced management features.

Having ordered such hosting, you will receive an already configured server with standard settings. But a minus for an inexperienced user is that all further maintenance, settings, and maintenance will have to be done by him.

In principle, to learn this today is not so difficult. As a last resort, you can order from the hosting an additional service for the maintenance of your VPS hosting.

Advantages – at your disposal the entire virtual server and its resources

Disadvantages – again, you need knowledge in server administration – either learn or pay.

Shared Hosting

This is the easiest and cheapest type of hosting. It is suitable in most cases when you just launch the site, and also if your site is not resource-intensive and without a large number of visitors (up to 1000 people per day)

Technically, the work of virtual hosting is as follows: dozens, or even hundreds, of user sites are located on the same physical server. for example, too many visitors start visiting a website, it starts loading the server and slowing down its work, as a result, other websites hosted on this server also start to work worse.

Therefore, the hosting provider constantly monitors what load each of the resources creates and in which case it blocks the culprit.

If this happens to your site, then the situation will certainly not be pleasant, however, you will agree to approve such actions of the host if your site suffers from the server overloading with someone else’s site.

A good hosting in this situation is sure to send a message saying that the site creates an increased load and will offer you either to optimize the web resource or to choose a more expensive hosting option. But as already mentioned, they often block without warning.

It is because of these nuances and the small price of shared hosting. If your resource will outgrow it over time, then look towards more expensive tariff plans or VPS hosting.

Advantages – Very low cost and ease of use

Disadvantages – the site is placed together with other (neighbors) on the same IP address – if something serious happens to one (DDOS attack for example), then others will be inaccessible (it happens extremely rarely); fewer resources.


Which is better to choose and on which hosting to create a site – you decide. For beginners in price and quality

Hosting is not the cheapest, but given the possibility of configuring the necessary resources the quality of technical support, the availability of a test period and the good reputation of the host on the Internet is quite suitable for small projects.

After choosing a hosting account, calculate how much disk space you will need, what technical functions are necessary to implement your ideas and whether such a hosting provider provides such resources. Be sure to check the professionalism and performance of technical support, with which you periodically, if not constantly, have to interact. And finally, evaluate whether the level of services really corresponds to the price, compare the provider with others and read user reviews.

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