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jQuery JavaScript framework 3.0 free have released

jQuery JavaScript framework 3.0 free have released
Yashwant Shakyawal

jQuery JavaScript framework 3.0 free have released

The jQuery Foundation free yesterday version three.0 of the jQuery JavaScript framework, the primary version that options fully no workarounds for previous net human browsers (IE6-8). jQuery 3.0 has been within the works since October 2014 and was at the start created to finish version two.0, and it’s a mission to distance itself from the previous one.0 codebase, distended as a result of all the that is workarounds.

Version 2.0 was fully incompatible with version one.0, and version three.0 can continue on the trail set by version two.0. The jQuery Foundation says there are very little breaking changes in three.0, which users ought to be able to migrate their code while not an excessive amount of work.

Users that not need to support previous that is browsers in their comes will invariably use the jQuery Migrate project to maneuver their code to the newer two.0 and 3.0 branches. If customers are still asking you to figure with IE6, IE7, and IE8, then you must keep on with jQuery one.0 for the predictable future.

Furthermore, since not all internet comes to need Ajax, that takes quite a heap of the jQuery base, the project is currently providing a jQuery Slim build while not the Ajax and Effects modules. Onyx launched a cool project known as JS++ (patent pending) that options a unified kind system for JavaScript code. additional details may be found on JS++’s web site or in its handout. Mozilla value-added a brand new feature within the Firefox Developer Tools console in Firefox Nightly that greatly simplifies operating with JavaScript errors.

According to a survey administrated by the Node.js Foundation in April, Node.js has currently around three.5 million annual users and therefore the rate of growth is 100%. We simply had Google I/O, and if you did not apprehend, the I/O is really a “developer conference” notwithstanding many of us forgot. Seth Thompson, one in all Google’s JavaScript wizards, gave an interview at I/O 2016 concerning V8, web assembly, Chrome DevTools, and therefore the way forward for JavaScript.

Right once the I/O 2016 conference, Google conjointly free the anypixel.js library for making massive and weird interactive displays. If you did not get bored by currently of all the free UI toolkits egg laying around, then you must apprehend Cloudflare open-sourced their UI framework furthermore.

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