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What is Supply Chain Visibility?

Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chains have become more complex, not only with overseas practices but also with local ones. The challenges have also been rising since the customers’ demands are changing from time to time, depending on the market demands as well. Nowadays, customers can be unforgiving of poor visibility levels. It seems daunting for most providers. But we cannot neglect the fact that the customers really need it.

Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, you will surely demand the same thing. You will want to have full coverage of the location and condition of your orders. Therefore, having visibility throughout your supply chain is a crucial one. If you ask what supply chain visibility means for you, it is not an exaggeration to say that it means almost everything.

Supply chain visibility is defined as

Supply chain visibility is the capability of viewing the inventory and orders in real-time. Not only the final product, but it also applies to the raw materials, parts, components, and unfinished products as well. Visibility covers the location of the stuff, the final shipment, as well as each point in between them.

The main rule that one needs to stick to attain true supply chain visibility is to maintain data availability throughout all levels of the organization. It allows the authorized users to be aware of the schedules, deadlines, and status of the orders.

The visibility could give a good overview to the operators so that they can take informed action once they notice a specific disruption. The accuracy of the data pulled from the supply chain visibility solutions from Agistix can help them prevent some mishaps and problems from happening.

This will also help businesses stay updated with the traceability of all products (and all orders).

The Importance of SCV

Back in the old days, full supply chain visibility was optional. But as modern market demands grow, many retailers have realized the importance of it in their practice. Some businesses might think that it is still optional. But if they want to grow and expand, improving supply chain visibility is definitely one of the best ways to achieve their goals.

Here are the benefits of full supply chain visibility for your company.

Simplify the process and improve efficiency

Full supply chain visibility can help your company to reduce complexity and improve efficiency for good. Your business might outsource parts of the supply chain. Therefore, there is a need for visibility at every tier in the supply chain to maintain the quality of your service and product.

When you come to Agistix provider, you will be on the right track to tailoring the best solution for your business supply chain. In the solution, you and your team can use a single source of supply chain data so that you can collaborate and communicate with your partners. As we know, these well-done practices will lead to an improved customer experience and better accountability. 

Improve the customer experience

The customer experience (CX) is the core interest of any business, especially those that are customer-centric. Many industry experts have agreed that the customer experience is the No. 1 factor in brand awareness. On some occasions, the customer experience is even more important than the product itself or the pricing of the product. For instance, the customers are expecting to have visibility on their orders. You can have the best quality products. But if you have problems with delayed deliveries, disruptions in the supply chain, and other problems, your customers will feel disappointed.

Therefore, it is where you will need to weigh in on the good visibility that you can offer to your clients. The supply chain visibility allows the business to make informed decisions while also providing them with the ability to improve the customer experience and relationships.

It is supposed to be normal to share real-time data with the customers to keep them updated. For your part, having this good visibility will provide you with the ability to effectively mitigate the disruptions for good. This transparency can improve the relationships between your brand and your customers.


Reduce the likelihood of risks and disruptions

The supply chain is complex and high-risk, especially if it is done overseas. Therefore, you will need a better SCV to make your overall business operations more agile and reliable. Since the real-time data is accessible by the involved parties, the flow will become more autonomous.

The data will tell you about the potential problems that could be happening. In turn, you will be able to prevent it from happening. Or, if the disruption occurs, the SCV system will quickly send an alert so that your team can handle it in time. You see, the disruption, whether it is small or big, shouldn’t be left alone for a long time. The faster the disruption is overcome, the more efficient your process is going to be.

Rather than changing the production priorities that can jeopardize the entire operation, you can adjust in more appropriate ways. The reliability and transparency of the data will help you make an informed decision that leads to good results.

Regulatory compliance

The other perk of the full SCV is the improved traceability of the products and orders. For the provider, it can be transparent to the level of the raw material. Each material, part, or component used for the specific categories can be traced to its original place.

With accurate information, the QC teams will be able to examine the material qualities. If there is a flaw in the product, they will be able to trace it back to the materials. The regulatory requirements will also be met with the help of true supply chain visibility.

In any industry, the compliance of the regulations would depend on visibility. These requirements could be mandated by the customers, governments, or other parties. The supply chain visibility solution from Agistix can help you stay compliant with the requirements.


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