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7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2024

Effective Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic
Yashwant Shakyawal

That’s all that matters after you’ve started a WordPress blog – Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic. The global internet traffic comes from approximately 4.50 billion users which is quite huge. And all you need to do is drive the right kind of consistent traffic from the above figure. Now, that doesn’t happen on its own.

So, let’s get on with it because you of all should be knowing that a WordPress blog without sufficient traffic is as good as dead!

Best Ways to Drive Consistent Traffic to Your Blog

Get Targeted Organic Traffic

There are a variety of methods to boost your website’s traffic flow. Email marketing, paid advertising, social media, and references from other ranking websites are just a few examples. While these methods may be beneficial, organic search traffic should remain the most important source of visitors to your site. There is no exception to organic traffic. This can give you a huge ranking boost. You can get specific and Geotargeted organic traffic from any counting and boost your keyword ranking with the help of an organic traffic generator website like SERP Empire.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

You heard that right! Social media handles are an insanely effective method to drive traffic to your blogs. In fact, 7 out of 10 websites have social handles that are well-maintained and up to date.

You can simply share your new post updates on your social handles, sit back, and witness the humongous traffic spike. Some of the most popular results-driving social platforms you should consider using our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and more.

Again, if you’re coming up with the question of why the above social media platforms, Facebook has approximately 2.6 billion monthly active users and as for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it’s approximately 1 billion, 330 million, and 260 million – hope that settles!

social media

Email Marketing – The Cheapest Marketing Method

If social media isn’t your pick, then there’s always another – email marketing. The cost-effective factor and high Return on Investment make email marketing another viable option to grow traffic. And one perfect example of a website that does the same is Medium. Medium sends both its subscribers and free users a couple of daily picks via emails to ensure high traction and traffic to their blogs.

email marketing

But in order to grow your email list, you need to have a WordPress popup plugin and an email marketing platform on-board to send out bulk emails. Don’t be surprised if you receive a good chunk of traffic in no time.

Write a Great Number of Quality Blogs

Well sometimes to drive traffic to your blogs, you’ve got to write more blogs. Writing quality and well-optimized blogs consistently are the key to get in the good books of your audience. Though you get new visitors, what’s more, important is, to make sure that they return to your website on a frequent basis to check out more of your content

So, make sure you come up with regular blog posts on your website. Coming up with a well-planned content calendar that’ll keep you running for a month or two should help you avoid delays and keep up with the regular posting.

Also, interlinking is quite important when it comes to driving traffic to blogs.

quality blogs

Imagine you’re being put in a maze. However hard you try, you are within it for quite some time. It’s almost the same here. Make sure your blog posts are interlinked to one or two other blogs from your website. Doing it this way will increase the average session duration, decrease the bounce rate, and most importantly, will drive traffic to the other blogs.

But make sure the blogs you interlink are related to what the user is reading about and they actually deliver value. Else, you could end up doing more harm than good.

Make Effective Use of Keywords

Unfortunately, it isn’t enough if you keep posting blogs on a regular basis. You should also be optimizing them to rank well. The more your blogs appear in the search engine, the higher are the chances to get increased traffic to your blogs.


Make sure you make effective use of keywords by following best in the industry practices. Normally, you’d have to optimize your H1, H2 tags with keywords, add LSI, and low volume search keywords within your blog post. Also, make sure you maintain a balance between the keywords so that you do not end up stuffing keywords.

Blog Page Layout & Design

This is another crucial factor you’ve got to look into if you’re to expect a decreased bounce rate and consistent traffic levels. User experience is one factor that makes or breaks your website. Also, a good user experience naturally draws more visitors to your website. This is why a good blog page design is quite essential to improve user experience.

page deisgn Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Make sure your blog layout is clean – use good images, good typography, and most importantly, make sure your pages are fast loading and well-optimized. Because no visitor of yours would want to spend a minute more if all the above-mentioned isn’t in place!

Write Guest Posts

When it comes to driving traffic, going the extra mile is quite important and would be beneficial as well. It’s certain that your website has a particular set of audience and no matter what, you’ll only be having those set of visitors coming back (provided your blogs are worth the comeback).

But what if you’re able to drive traffic from multiple websites and gain a new set of audiences consistently? That’s what guest blogging is all about – driving new traffic from multiple sources.

guest post Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

All you have to do is, reach out to similar websites/bloggers and offer to write guest posts. And in return, they might ask for the same (in most cases).

It’s simple and easier than said. Over a period of consistent guest blogging, you’ll witness crazy traffic levels for sure.

Participate in Forums & Communities

Another great way to drive traffic to your blogs. Forums like Reddit and Quora are some of the most reliable places to find potential audiences. Simply post genuine answers in threads and keep a link to your blog when necessary. Remember, it’s important that you keep it genuine. Posting your blog URLs repeatedly or overdoing it might make you look spammy.

forums Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Now that we’ve come across a few effective Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic, here’s one more super important thing you should be aware of.

Track Performance Constantly

It’s great that you’ve understood how to drive traffic but what’s more important is to check how effective the results are.

Make sure you track the results of every additional effort you’ve taken by connecting with tools like Google Analytics, Semrush to track referral traffic. Tweak and improve to make it even better. Websites that were up to date with the metrics saw consistent growth in their traffic curve.

analysis Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Now, that’s all you need to start to Generate Traffic to Your WordPress Blog. Though there are a lot of other ways to drive traffic, the above-mentioned are the most effective ways where you don’t have to sweat much. All you need is consistency and quality. And the rest shall fall into place in no time.

So, let’s get that traffic curve inclined!


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