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What Kind of WordPress Site Should You Build?

Starting a WordPress blog

Creating a website has never been easier. We’re indeed at a point where website construction doesn’t require knowing how to code. It’s a drag and drop age.
Those old enough remember the days of Microsoft FrontPage or playing around with Macromedia products. Today you have websites that build websites. And people and companies are using them far more than you would think.

WordPress is, of course, the king when it comes to content management systems. With so many themes and plug-ins to choose from, you can create a great looking and functioning website. I bet many of the ones you frequent are WordPress sites, you just never knew it.

But if websites are so easy to create, especially in WordPress, what kind should you buildthat will make you money?

Gambling Website

Online casinos, in particular, are very popular. If you’ve never experienced the rush that virtual gambling brings and you want to try out some games, you can play them here.
These casinos have more games to offer than you have time to go through them. From classics like blackjack and poker to movie and character-based slots that will have you glued to your screen. Plus, with perks like free spins, bonus rounds, and progressive jackpots, it’s easy to see why people come back to them. They even have loyalty programs that reward you for just being a customer.
Building a successful online casino is not realistic unless you’re rolling in dough. However, you can make a website about gambling tips and tricks, run articles about professional players, and report on events in this subculture.
eCommerce Website
These are common, right? Look, you’re not going to compete with Amazon, however, there’s always money to be made in niches. A tip for any entrepreneur – the riches are in the niches.
You have to locate a small, specific market. Keep these things in mind – people like things that feel personal, handcrafted, and most are nostalgic. So, they will pay for things they can have an emotional connection too.
You can build a simple website where people can auction or sell things like valuable toys, handcrafted figurines or watercolor paintings.
You build the site, establish a secure and credible payment method and your visitors will do the rest.
Entertainment-based Website
Did you hear what Jay Z did? Did so and so hook up with what’s her name?
Admit it, everyone salivates over a good piece of gossip or a juicy rumor. Someone cannot start a sentence with – “did you hear what happened too…”, without you itching yourself to know, to whom and what. We need information, and since we’re vain creatures, we need to know about the bad in others to feel good about ourselves.
The most important thing about a news site is to be fast and be first. Now, you can’t be first because you’ll be copy-pasting articles, but you can be among the first. So, monitor social media and hijack scandalous news from wherever you can. Add a clickbait title and you’re 90there.

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