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Why big tech companies are betting on Artificial Intelligence

Why big tech companies are betting on Artificial Intelligence
Yashwant Shakyawal

Before we go through our subject, Let’s get the meaning of Artificial Intelligence, which nowadays is one of the most burning topics of current times.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the field that studies the synthesis and analysis of computational agents that act intelligently. Let us examine each part of this definition.
An agent is something that acts in an environment – it does something. Agents include worms, dogs, thermostats, airplanes, robots, humans, companies, and countries.
We are interested in what an agent does; that is, how it acts. We judge an agent by its actions.

An agent acts intelligently when

  • what it does is appropriate for its circumstances and its goals,
  • it is flexible to changing environments and changing goals,
  • it learns from experience, and
  • it makes appropriate choices given its perceptual and computational limitations. An agent typically cannot observe the state of the world directly; it has only a finite memory and it does not have unlimited time to act.

For Deep Understanding, we have a video for you :

After knowing what actually Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, we are moving towards a very serious issue that why big tech companies are betting on Artificial Intelligence :

If you’re partial to Iron Man or the Avengers franchise, you know that when Tony Stark is talking to Jarvis, he’s talking with Artificial Intelligence or AI. In keeping with computer science, an ‘intelligent computer’ is a rational agent who perceives its environment and takes these actions, that allows you to maximize its possibilities of success for a certain intention. In easy terms, intelligence that’s exhibited by way of the machines is termed ‘synthetic Intelligence’ or AI. Ever puzzled about how Google Now, Siri and Cortana support you in finding expertise? They are all AI functions used on exceptional systems.

The international knowledge corporation (IDC) says that by using 2020, the market for AI purposes might be a $40 billion enterprise. There may be bound to be essential combat between important companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and FB when it comes to supplying the AI computing platform to the world.

Facebook’s Venture into Artificial Intelligence


Facebook just lately presented ‘Deep text’, which is a textual content working out engine that’s able to work out the context of a few posts. And it does all this with the accuracy of a human. The elemental goal of introducing this engine was once to make stronger person expertise on the FB platform.

After ‘Deep textual content’, the founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg are currently engaged on a man-made Intelligence assistant. On the Facebook city corridor Q&A, he mentioned, “it’s establishing to be ready to do some lovely fun things, and I’m looking forward to being capable to show it to the arena”. Consistent with Mark, the AI can already manage the lights and the temperature within the apartment through voice control. Mark Zuckerberg’s AI is all set to preview in September.

Google’s AI is Already a Step Ahead


Google, alternatively, has already published a few new offerings and merchandise that use Artificial Intelligence to make choices. Google is soon going to begin selling ‘residence’, a device similar to Amazon’s Echo, which now not simplest answers questions, but additionally completes more than a few duties like sending emails and enjoying music. Mr. Sundar Pichai, Google’s Chief executive, said, “We feel of it as a conversational assistant. We wish users to have an ongoing talk with Google”.

In Silicon Valley, there are no other technologies hotter than synthetic Intelligence. Since of this Google has invested a lot of money in this technology. This funding seemed to pay off when the software based on the AI was competent to defeat the first-rate player on the planet in Go, the board game.

Microsoft is Not that Far Behind


Microsoft is on an identical web page as Google in relation to Artificial Intelligence. This organization strongly believes that very soon interfaces that are founded on chats will outperform apps. Among the many big tech businesses, Microsoft was the primary one to release a textual content-headquartered chat interface AI platform. Even at present, this tech large is trying its fine to give you developments in the AI purposes. Correctly, it has already started building bots that emotionally resonate with the users – Xiaoice. You may not have heard of it, nevertheless, it was well-bought and grew to be very triumphant in China. This bot no longer best remembers your previous conversations, however additionally it is programmed to be touchy with your emotions.

The Echo of Amazon is Still Reverberating


First unveiled in 2014, Amazon Echo is an artificially wise Bluetooth speaker. It was once designed to behave like your personal home assistant and is invariably on. It is programmed to do a number of matters, proper from informing you about the climate and making a browsing list to answering countless trivia questions.

Alexa, the cloud-established voice carrier in Amazon Echo, can pay attention and get to the bottom of any and every instruction that you just give her. Amazon is attempting its satisfactory to develop the AI functions extra and has even begun something called the Alexa Fund ($one hundred million funds).

Consistent with Amazon, “Alexa Fund investment choices will be made headquartered on the talents for specified or novel purposes of voice science that leverage the Alexa knowledge package or the Alexa Voice carrier”.

How can AI be Productive?

Probably the most method you should use artificial Intelligence within the current market is to enhance the advertising and marketing advertising approaches. AI can greatly help both the science giants, FB and Google, to raised comprehend the needs of the customers.

This is a win-win predicament for everyone, the customers get the crucial advertisements, the advertisers get higher returns, and Facebook and Google get extra income.

As synthetic Intelligence turns into more customary one day, the fight will then be about which tech tremendous first provides you with amazing developments on this technology.

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