Facebook launches video comment on post

author wpshopmart 12 Jun 2016

Facebook launches video comment on post

It’s been launched round the world.
Facebook FB -1.64% has undraped a brand new feature that permits users to depart videos as comments. Employee Bob Baldwin, UN agency was a “core hacker” throughout a hackathon control by Facebook that LED to the creation of the new operate, proclaimed the feature in an exceedingly post on weekday.

“At Facebook’s fiftieth Hackathon early this year, we tend to prototyped the flexibility to transfer a video into comments and replies on posts, as a result of we tend to needed to alter a lot of partaking and immersive conversations,” he wrote. “This adds to the suite of multimedia system options among comments including: links, photos, stickers, emoji, and beginning nowadays video.”

To use it, simply click on the ikon icon once creating a comment, and a video operate can currently seem.Baldwin wrote that users round the world will post videos as comments, and it’s supported on desktop net, iOS, and humanoid “At the hackathon, we tend to coded as quickly as we tend to may all day, and by the evening we tend to may feel the items commencing to move. alittle past hour, we tend to had the feature largely engaged on each desktop and mobile apps,” he wrote. “And after we demoed our hack to fellow staff the subsequent week, they fully preferred it!”
Facebook then worked “to refine and stabilize it, as a aspect project we tend to all were desperate to ship.”

In a statement to Fortune, Facebook aforesaid the video comments area unit “part of our efforts to offer folks totally different tools to share fun, communicatory content with their friends on Facebook.” Facebook has centered on video and live content recently, that Fortune according in Apr. In fact, chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg known as the platform the manner of the long run.

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