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Person Search

Getting credible information about people can be tricky these days; the sources of data about people that most of us rely on social media, and the occasional Google search. While social media websites are more popular than ever, they are limited when it comes to people’s data. The individuals behind the profiles that you see can provide whatever details about themselves that they want. So, how in a time where people easily lie about themselves, how can you tell what is true and what is false? A person search engine by the name of GoLookUp has the answers.

What is a person search?

Before we explain what GoLookUp is, we will first explain what is a person search. As the title suggests, a person search is a service that is intended to help you track down people. If you have lost touch with friends or even family members, you can use a people search service to find them.

Also, such a search provides details about people; if you want to discover what lies in people’s past, or what they are up to in the present – a people search is the way to go. These types of searches are based on public records; what are public records? In the United States, there are government records that are available to the public, as well as certain personal records. So, you can find particular details about people, and discover the truth about individuals in every state.

Public records are records that are collected by various agencies and authorities in the country. So, the data within these records are credible and accurate. Getting access to public records allows you to get official information about individuals in every state.

What information can you find in a person search?

A public records-based person search can provide you with the following data:

  • Name of person (real name and aliases)
  • Date of birth info (by access to birth records)
  • Marriage records
  • Arrest records
  • Mugshots
  • Criminal records
  • Sex offender registries
  • Business information

How to perform a people search?

You can perform a people search (AKA) search with GoLookUp. The company has been providing legal, quick, and easy access to public records for more than a decade. You can find all the information in the list above, and much more, with the name-based directory operated by GoLookUp. Once you enter the full name of an individual into the directory, you will be given access to public records.

You will not have to do anything besides typing in the name of a person into the query field. GoLookUp does all the search work, and the en, users receive an online public records report. There are some cases where the search yields no results. If this happens, you can try different spellings of the person’s name. All the services on the website are unlimited, and users can perform unlimited searches for no extra fees. Also, you can use additional services on the websites, such as a phone number search. There are cases in which people provide a false name, so you can use other details to discover the truth about individuals who are a part of your life.







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