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How To Earn By Being A Freelance Graphic Designer

How To Become A Freelance Graphic Designer
Yashwant Shakyawal

If unsure of your path but also wanting to get a source of income, freelancing can be one of your go-to methods. A degree in graphic design is not always required to land a job in freelancing, but it does help. Let this article give you a step-by-step guide on how to be a freelance graphic designer. It will help you with what to put for your graphic designer resume, mainly if you aim to be more successful in this career.

Step 1: Knowing the Basics

When working as a graphic designer, you need to know your job. You need to know the basics. Understanding the fundamentals of designing and learning how to apply them to apps and software is the key to making the best outputs. Learning to use apps and software like Adobe Photoshop and Canva is also essential in this job.

Step 2: Creating Your Portfolio

Creating your portfolio will be the one that will serve as your resume in being a freelance graphic designer. Your portfolio is what will bring your clients in. Trying to get clients in but not having a portfolio will leave you in a never-ending cycle of wanting clients but needing a portfolio. Having a portfolio means you need to have experience.

So how do you create a portfolio without experience? Simple, you design for imaginary clients. Create fictitious brands and products to showcase your pieces and talent. Don’t forget to include passion in your projects, even unpaid ones.

Step 3: Get Online

Clients looking for you will likely start with a “Google search.” Starting a website of your own or creating your page on social media is the most practical way of getting clients. Especially since social media now plays a significant role in our lives, promoting yourself through it can most likely help you earn substantial numbers. Another is the internet provides many popular site platforms. Platforms are where you can build your website from scratch. But you can easily manage and customize it with the help of these services.

You gain credibility as a graphic designer and appear “genuine” to potential clients if you have a strong web presence. Additionally, it can operate as a point of contact. Therefore, don’t forget to mention that you are available for work and how to contact you in the remark.

Step 4: Get Clients

When you’re all set, it’s time to entertain some clients. Having a varied audience is a smart move. When entertaining clients and creating projects, it’s better to aim for:

  • A few consistent customers with known demands
  • A couple of big projects that you can efficiently complete and move on
  • New clients, projects, and opportunities

What to do when having too many clients?

A time will come when entertaining projects are too tiring for you. It may be because you are still in the process of creating, or you want time off. You don’t have to take everything yourself. Make a referral network. Have contact with other freelance graphic designers who can work on the project.

Finding a Niche Market

Having various customers is good, but you might also benefit from specialization. Although, even if you work in the profession, it doesn’t mean you can’t take on other projects. Working in a niche market has several advantages. Still, the primary one is that you should be able to develop a system, generate work rapidly, and have a deep understanding of the task.

Step 5: Plan your business and set goals.

It is better to create your business plans and goals in the early stage of freelancing, but when you start earning, you can make those plans on the move.

Making money is the aim. It might not require a comprehensive business strategy if you only want to employ freelancing as a side job. However, it’s best if you still considered time, taxes, and the equilibrium between income and costs. If you intend to work as a freelancer full-time, you must have a business strategy and set of objectives. What kind of revenue is required to make it work? What about taxes, healthcare, software, computers, and marketing expenses? Moreover, what products and suppliers do you need?

Set quantifiable objectives to help you determine whether your strategy is effective. And if the freelance lifestyle is not for you, have a backup plan.


No job is easy, and you will always have to work hard for it. However, if freelance graphic design is something you’re interested in, this strategy can help you get started. It’s more than a pipe dream; in a global gig economy, you can find work in the creative business on your own. And if you start earning, don’t forget to treat yourself a little! I hope you like this article on How To Earn By Becoming A Freelance Graphic Designer.

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