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How to build beautiful survey form

beautiful survey forms

While surveys can be a very effective tool to obtain data and analyze them, it can be challenging to get people to complete your surveys, especially on an online platform. There is always a risk of the respondent leaving the survey midway. Although the probability of such an incident cannot be nullified, it can be significantly reduced by making the survey forms more attractive.

Today, there is a lot of software and tools to make your surveys precise and attractive. Here are a few nuances that you should keep in your mind while making a survey form.

Conceptual Clarity

While you may be sure about the overall requirements of your company and its various wings, it is vital to have a proper plan with regard to the surveys as well. Brainstorm on the things that you should ask the respondents and in what ways they should reply. Keep in mind the possible feedback that you would receive and how you would take action on it.

Choosing the Right Software

The overall look and structure of the survey play a very important role in getting more respondents Depending on the kind of questions that you plan to ask, have a clear idea about the platform you will use to formulate the whole survey form. There are many websites like Woorise, or Typeform available for the same purpose.

You can find a better Alternative to Typeform which can provide you, even more, features to make a beautiful form for your survey. While each of them has its own pros and cons, it is clearly up to the curator of the survey form to decide the platform through which the entire thing should be made.

Making surveys Through Word Press

If you have a WordPress-based website, there are some really easy-to-use plugins that can help you make beautiful forms with full customization. Finding the right tool for a survey is the basic tenet of making a survey form in WordPress. While many third-party surveys allow you to create survey forms, they also store a lot of your data. Some WordPress plugins don’t store your personal data. So, you can create a survey form for your WordPress website worry-free. Also, you can embed Video surveys to your WordPress website using WordPress Plugins

This is how you can create a survey form in WordPress:

  1. Install a survey form creator WordPress plugin like Qwary.
  2. Customize their survey form depending upon your requirements
  3. Configure the survey form settings to edit various variables like name, form description, etc.
  4. Add the survey form to your website using features like embed, add a form, etc.
  5. You can view the survey form reports after people fill the survey.

Brevity and Simplicity

There is absolutely no doubt that the beauty of a survey form lies in its brevity and simplicity. The more brief your survey is, the more attempted it becomes. People will not make an effort to attend a  survey form that is elaborate and complex.

Customization For Target Audience 

Depending upon your target audience, you can make changes in the entire structure of the survey form. For example, you can add visual illustrations when necessary if the surveys or for children.  The same technique can be applied for the surveys meant for the adults if you think such visual representations will make the questions more straightforward and more engaging.


Survey forms are meant to be informative and not entertaining. One needs to ensure that all the questions are right to the point and elicit independent answers. The questions have to be carefully framed to prevent any personal bias from entering into the form. While using the available websites,  make sure you go through their privacy policies and be aware of the data that might be in their hand. Amidst the chaos, WordPress is a safer option.

There are other websites to which can be used after careful observation. However, there is no tool that is perfect. The most important thing is to get around the drawbacks and find a solution for them as ideally as possible. Surveys being a very important component that determines the future endeavors of a company should be considered seriously, and every nuance of the survey forms should be carefully addressed.

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