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36+ Best SEO Automation Testing Tools for software

Best SEO Automation Testing Tools
Yashwant Shakyawal

Best SEO Automation Testing Tools for software are required for every software. Test automation is one of the foremost cost-efficient and time-saving ways of testing code products with long maintenance cycles. doubtless, it makes the life of a take a look at engineer lots easier, in comparison to the manual testing. However, their square measure quite a ton of automation testing tools accessible within the market, which makes it tough to know what tool can best fit your testing necessities.

Here’s an inventory of high automation testing tools that might assist you to meet your testing objectives absolutely. Deviqa offers a large range of test automation services to meet your goal with client expectations throughout whole software development lifecycle.

1. qTest

Developed by QASymphony, qTest is that the solely take a look at management resolution that permits you to manage your manual, preliminary, and automatic testing in a very single location, providing the foremost complete read of your testing coverage and progress on the market. With the assistance of qTest connection, it’s seamless integrations with JIRA for a whole end-to-end QA resolution – however, that’s not all, it additionally integrates with different tools like Bugzilla, FogBugz, Rally, VersionOne, etc.

2. PractiTest

An entirely SaaS end-to-end QA and Agile friendly take a look at management tools. exploitation their distinctive and customizable filters you’ll expeditiously organize your needs, produce and run tests, track bugs, and generate reports exploitation this tool. It integrates seamlessly with leading bug trailing tools like JIRA, important huntsman, Bugzilla, and Redmine additionally as numerous automation tools like antioxidants, Jenkins, etc. However, their API will guarantee any customizing for your process’s desires. it’s not open-sourced however is sort of cheap. you’ll enjoy their human method support throughout your usage.

3. Zephyr

Zephyr merchandise is the quickest growing agile take a look at management merchandise within the world with over 7000 customers in one hundred countries. Their time period solutions supply seamless integrations with tools project groups are already exploitation these days like JIRA, Selenium, Jenkins, Bamboo additionally because of the tools they’ll use tomorrow as Agile and DevOps processes evolve over time.

4. Collab

Test Collab may be a fashionable take a look at management tool that offers a complete platform for your application’s testing. It offers progressive integration with all widespread bug trackers and takes a look at automation tools. excluding that, it offers time trailing, agile methodology, needs management, takes a look at plans and planning.

5. TestFLO

TestFLO is a JIRA add-on providing comprehensive take a look at management method into JIRA because of reusable Repository of taking a look at Cases allowing fast take a look at arranging creation and repetition. It supports versatile configurations for Agile groups and comes, swimmingly integrates with defects and needs providing broad traceability metrics and intensive reportage together with all JIRA metrics and statistics. This integrates with CI tools like Jenkins or Bamboo for machine-controlled take a look ats permitting you to run tests from JIRA and publish test leads to a time period.


6. Telerik Test Studio

Test Studio could be a comprehensive and one among the foremost intuitive automation testing tools accessible. It offers sturdy purposeful UI testing, explorative testing, load testing, performance testing, testing in Visual Studio, and mobile testing except for manual testing capabilities.

7. Selenium

Selenium is an automatic code testing tool for testing net applications. It automates browsers, sanctionative users to sweep through numerous browser-specific testing functions. What makes this even additional necessary is that the majority of major browser vendors square measure taking steps to form Se Associate in Nursing integral a part of their browsers.

8. Robotium

Robotium is one of the favored automation testing frameworks for a golem. It supports native and hybrid applications and makes writing machine-driven black-box take a look at cases simple. It conjointly integrates seamlessly with Gradle, Ant, and ace that helps to run take a look at cases as continuous integration.

9. TestComplete

TestComplete could be an open take a look at a platform that helps you produce reusable, sturdy, and automatic tests across desktop, web, mobile, and multiple devices simply and effectively. Silverlight applications may also be tested victimization TestComplete.

10. Watir

Watir that is pronounced as water is another tool (Ruby libraries) to change net browsers. Ruby permits association to databases, reads files, export XML, etc., and conjointly structures your code as reusable libraries. And furthermore, it’s Associate in Nursing open supply library, which supplies you the pliability of automation. Watir helps you to write tests that square measure simple to take care of and versatile.


11. Visual Studio

This is the foremost comprehensive testing answer for all Microsoft platforms, as well as desktops, phones, tablets, servers, and conjointly the cloud. With MSDN subscription you’ll conjointly access all the opposite Microsoft products and services, which might any assist you to style, develop, and take a look at your applications on multiple platforms.

12. QTP (UFT)

HP’s QTP, which is launched as Unified purposeful Testing, provides machine-driven purposeful testing and automatic regression testing. This supports scripting interfaces and offers a GUI for straightforward use. It is often used for enterprise quality assurance. It uses VB scripts to specify take a look at procedures and manipulate the application’s objects that square measure being tested.

13. SoapUI

This is an Associate in Nursing open supply net service testing application for SOA (service directed architectures) and REST (representational state transfers). It offers machine-driven purposeful testing, machine-driven load testing, and compliance testing. It conjointly offers mocking and simulation options except for net service scrutiny.

14. TestDrive

TestDrive helps in fast automation; it effectively tests browsers and even inheritance applications except GUI’s like mythical being, Java, Flex, and Silverlight.

15. FitNesse

FitNesse could be a wiki and an online server except for an automatic testing tool. it’s designed to run acceptance testing than unit testing. The wiki pages created in FitNesse square measure run as tests. The specifications are often tested against the appliance itself, leading to a roundtrip between specifications and implementation.


XQual delivers one among the foremost advanced/complete take a look at Management solutions for an awfully light-weight valuation. From this distinctive tool, you’ll be ready to manage not but your releases, needs, risks, specifications, tests, campaigns, and bugs.
It may be integrated with all the continuous integration platforms and it will drive ANY quite test: five completely different interfaces for manual testing and nearly seventy connectors for all the simplest automation frameworks on the market: antioxidant, QTP/UFT, JMeter, Ranorex, TestComplete, JUnit, NUnit, TestPartner, Sahi, NeoLoad, QF-Test, RobotFramework, Sikuli, SoapUi, Squish, TestNg, TestOptimal and lots of a lot of.

17. TestCaseLab

Powered by Gera-IT company, TestCaseLab may be a web-based case management tool discharged in April 2016. You will simply manage your manual take a look at cases, apply and modify completely different properties, gather them in take a look at plans and kind take a look at runs in one single location. Supported integrations: JIRA, Redmine, important huntsman.

Competitive valuation plans and the absence of plaguesome quantitive limitations can allow you to simply begin your activities and boost the performance of your QA team.

18. QAComplete

QAComplete may be a powerful, versatile take a look at management tool that helps users simply manage needs, tests, and defects beat one place. The tool is straightforward to use, and provides a central hub to manage and report on all of your tests – manual, Selenium, TestComplete, SoapUI, and more!
It is customizable enough to suit any development method, from falls to Agile, and integrates tightly with the project management and progress tools you already use, like Jira, Bugzilla, Visual Studio, and a lot of.

19. TestRail

TestRail may be a centralized action management tool – you’ll use it to make take a look at cases and take a look at suites, track execution, and report metrics. In addition, it integrates with several issues trailing tools that create needs from external systems to be coupled to check cases in TestRail; bugs may be created within the external systems, and links may be established to the corresponding action. It comes with an HTTP-based API to integrate with the machine-controlled take a look at results. One commonest integration is with Gemini, which may be an incident/ticket management system(supports agile too).

20. TestLodge

This is a comprehensive action management tool that has four key aspects – take a look at arranging, needs, take a look at suites/cases, and take a look at runs. So, as you’ll see, it’s everything it has to be ready to manage to take a look at cases for you. For all the opposite operations, it integrates with the numerous mainstream incident/issue management tools to supply a comprehensive resolution. It’s a poster product, for a free trial visit:

21. Power unit ALM/Quality center

HP QC has been one of the foremost used take a look at management computer code for several years. It’s all the options necessary and in many ways, it’s the quality against that the opposite tools are measured. Despite the fact that it’s one among the high-end tools, economically, it still remains to be very hip.

22. QMetry

QMetry may be a total take a look at management tool that you simply will use to make needs, take a look at cases (test suites) which will be run on multiple platforms and defects. It integrates seamlessly with several leading bug-tracking and automation environments creating a decent candidate to be used in most things. It’s a poster product, with a thirty-day free trial offered.

23. Testuff

Testuff is Saas take a look at Management tool that has several cool options. The everyday action management options are a given. Besides that, it’s a cool video transfer capability for a defect. Integrates with an enormous list of bug-trackers, a number of that ar, Bugzilla, JIRA, YouTrack, mantid among others. It’s an associate API that supports automation tools like QTP, Rational automaton, Selenium, TestComplete, etc. Better of all, it’s terribly cheap.

24. Gemini

One of the key parts of this tool is supporting ‘Testing & QA’ in conjunction with the opposite aspects like Project coming up with, issue trailing, etc. exploitation this tool you may produce take a look at plans, test cases, test runs, traceability, take a look at run reports, etc. There are numerous integrations and extensions offered.

25. TestLink

This is one of only a few open supplies that take a look at management tools offered to be used within the market. It’s a web-based mostly tool with typical options like demand management, action creation, and maintenance, test runs, trailing bugs, reports, integration with common issue trackers, etc. To transfer, visit:

26. VersionOne

A poster product primarily job to agile comes, this includes a take a look at a management module in conjunction with coming up with, reportage et al., With all the everyday options.

27. TestPad

This tool’s shibboleth is “Spend longer really testing”. the first thought of this tool is – checklists. In your take, a look at arranging you may have a series of checklists (tests) which will be as careful or as short as potential. It’s excellent for preliminary testing.


28. Aptest

An online-based mostly, industrial product that has all the everyday options you’d expect in conjunction with the everyday integrations with issue trackers.

29. SpiraTest

a whole QA resolution is what this product is. Rather than having your needs, tests, defects in separate systems, this tool has it beat one place. It integrates with unit and automation testing frameworks among different things. it’s industrial, tho’ not terribly high-ticket.

30. Meliora TestLab

this is often easy to use a product for demand management, test-creating & running, defect management, progress optimization, and integration with JIRA, etc.

31. SmarteQM

A whole life cycle management tool that gives the entire end-to-end take a look at method support and integrates with different SmartSoft practical take a look at tools.

32. Run

An online-based mostly industrial take a look at management method that’s straightforward and easy to use. It’s all that you simply got to produce take a look at plans, execute them with success, and report. Integrates with JIRA and tower.

33. Wave

A take a look at a management tool that desires no installation, is internet-based mostly, easy, and industrial (affordable). This tool provides you with a facility to import your already existing requirements/test assets from stand out sheets. It additionally comes with associate constitutional defect huntsman

34. Enterprise Tester

This takes a look at management tool supports each agile and ancient comes. Integrates with JIRA and additionally works nicely for automation testing with QTP, Selenium, RFT, etc. This is often a very cool industrial tool.

35. TestLog

an awfully comprehensive end-to-end take a look at management tool that’s straightforward to put in and put together because of its XML info. It permits documentation of each automation and manual to take a look at cases. It additionally comes with an online interface for remote access. This product is industrial too.

36. QaTraq

Associate open supply takes a look at the method management tool which will be wont to produce take a look at cases, running them, recording results, etc.
Points to note:

Well, from the on top of the list 2 things are apparent:

There aren’t several open supply tools of this sort offered, though most of them are still cheap. A good selection, if you request from me. Conclusion. Even though we have a tendency to place up an enormous list, we have a tendency to notice that we have a tendency to couldn’t have enclosed each tool offered. Share your experiences with the take a look at management tools – each those that created it to the list and people that did not- with the United States below.

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