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Free Social Media Graphics Templates Package

Free Social Media Graphics Templates Package
Yashwant Shakyawal

Social media channels are being used actively for personal and business purposes. Gone are the days when we accessed social media platforms just for fun. Today, people go online in search of new pieces of information, companies, products, or services. Social media is one of the most effective channels to establish better contact with the target audience, communicate and sell. Graphics is one of the main factors that grab the users’ attention and keep them browsing through the contact that’s shared on social media profiles. Content is the king. However, the power of graphics is unparalleled. If you want to make the users stop and stare while they access your data, then the brand-new offer from MotoCMS is exactly what you need for better user engagement.

There is no doubt in the fact that social media has become an indispensable part of our life. This is the best way to share the moments of your life with the community. If you run your own business, that’s the proven way to connect with new and loyal customers while sharing highlights from the company life. Using social media channels mainly suggests you posting high-quality and engaging visual content. If you do not know how to start or simply search for a gulp of inspiration, then the free social media graphics pack from MotoCMS will just come in handy to you.

What’s Inside of the Bundle?

The free social media graphics bundle contains tons of high-quality graphics that are intended to be used on the top-trending social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. For example, you can add a unique flair to your Facebook feed with the customized cover photos. Also, you can choose from a selection of high-quality Instagram images, all of which can be personalized in Photoshop. In the free social media graphics template pack, you can find a range of customizable visuals that are ready to bring extra charm to your social media profiles.

The best thing about all graphics from the package is that all visuals are fully responsive and built with the mobile-first paradigm in mind. This allows you to feel confident about the way different pieces of data will be displayed on handheld and mobile devices. Also, every social media template contains a unique custom-made icon set, which allows you to play with the brand identity just the way you desire. Also, all graphics were developed with a deep understanding of color trends and color psychology. This guarantees that whatever sort of visuals you pick for your social media projects, will result in the proper effect on the viewers.

The free social media graphics from these packs includes sliced PSD files. This allows you to bring all sorts of changes to the pics for Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. The changes that you can apply include texts modification, colors variations, editing or removing elements from the graphics, tweaking icons, etc. In a word, the free pack contains everything that you will need to bring a personalized and catching presentation of the visual content in your social media profiles.

Facebook Cover Photos

The free social media graphics templates package contains a selection of Facebook cover photos that are suited to be used for different niche-specific projects. The pack includes visuals that are suited to be used as cover photos and timeline pictures. All visuals from the free pack are 100% editable. You may feel free to modify the design elements in Photoshop, thus updating the graphics with a unique style.

Downloading the pack is as quick and easy as simply open the Facebook cover photos pack and press the Download button. The automatic download will deliver an archived pack of high-quality graphics to your PC. Thus, you can unpack the archive and get straight to the customization of free Facebook graphics as per your own requirements.


Instagram Pictures

There are timeline and story visuals being added to the free social media graphics package. The popularity of Instagram continues to grow. With more than 880 million active monthly users, it continues gaining its leading positions among the top-trending social media platforms in the modern-day world. That’s why a growing number of brands started to pay more attention to the social media channel.

There are plenty of ways to keep the audience engaged. You can share posts in Instagram feed, stories, and make a statement with impressive banners. Whatever kind of visual content you’d like to share, there are the optimal solutions available in the free graphics pack.


YouTube Cover Templates

In addition to the quality social media graphics, the pack contains a vast collection of ready-made social media templates. For example, you may feel free to download a sliced YouTube cover template and customize it in a way that matches your brand identity. All elements of the free ready-made designs are intended to be edited quickly and easily, without messing up with the code.

You may forget about using the costly YouTube banner makers, as well as the need to create graphics all by yourself. downloading the free graphics pack, you may enjoy the ease of bringing changes to the ready-made YouTube covers in the editor on your PC. All of the free covers that are included in the free social media graphics pack are optimized to match the modern-day standards of YouTube channel art.


Does the possibility update your social media profiles with the free high-quality graphics sound luring to you? Do not miss the unique chance to download the free social media graphics templates package for your own collection. You’ll be impressed with the results. Just try!

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