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How to get more social shares & increase traffic to your blog?

How to get more social shares & increase traffic to your blog
Yashwant Shakyawal

Started a blog. Good, but creating only a blog is like opening a shop and to make your shop successful you need peoples to come to your shop and this rule applies the same in the blog. Traffic the core material to make your blog successful.

Most of the people now are starting the blog to earn from it and also choose it as a career. So now it becomes very important to increase the rate of traffic.

There are many methods to increase traffic on the blog. But my favorite and best is through the social media platform.

What is social traffic?

Social traffic the traffic which we get from the social media platform such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and other famous social platforms. Social traffic is the best and free traffic. You don’t have to pay for anything for social traffic. The price is your content quality. If your blog content will be interesting and attractive then obviously people are going to share your blog content with their friends and families and this will lead to more genuine traffic.

Talking about facebook then per day facebook is getting more than a million active users. now if only 1% percent of the active user will visit your blog then it will be more than enough to make your content viral. So now you know why social traffic is very important.

There are many methods to increase your social traffic but the most effective method is through social share buttons.

What is social share buttons?

The share buttons which you must have seen when you have visited any popular blog. The buttons will be present in the sidebars where you will have the buttons to share the site content to your social profile. This button is called the social share button.

Social buttons are considered as the most effective way to increase the blog’s traffic. You only have to install a social share button plug-in in the WordPress site.

But here comes the confusing part. You have to choose the best social buttons to get the desired result. But how will you do it? Then don’t worry I have mentioned the best WordPress social share plugin named “social warfare”.

Social warfare is the best WordPress plugin which will help you to achieve your desired target. It is recommended by many professional bloggers as well as from SEO experts. You can learn more about Social Warfare plugin here at Bloggingscout.com.

So now let us know in detail about the plugin “ Social warfare” and will talk about how it can increase the blog’s traffic.

Social warfare features

1. floating share buttons

Social warfare has this amazing feature called floating buttons. You can set the buttons to float on the computer display so that the share buttons will be always in the view of the visitors and this will increase the chances of sharing your content. Also, there are other options to place the buttons in the way you like.

2. Recover lost share counts

Getting a social count is not so easy. It requires a lot of efforts and the general problem with it is resets whenever you have modified the social links or may have done migration from HTTP to HTTPS. This happens in other social buttons but social warfare gives you the magical power to recover the lost share counts and maintain the reputation of your blog.

3. minimum share count to display

The starting days of a blog is a bit slow process to get the social shares and you have to do a lot of struggles. Showing the low share counts can have a bad impression on your blog’s reputation so social warfare gives you the freedom to show the share counts when the minimum number will be achieved.

4. More social buttons

Social warfare comes in two packages one is free and other is the pro version which is paid. In the free version you will have access to the limited features and to unlock those features you will have to purchase the pro version.

In the free version you will get only 5-6 buttons which will be facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit and in pro version you will get a number of social share buttons such as WhatsApp, email, and many more popular social buttons.

5. content hijacking protection

Many plugins compromise with the security of your content which can lead to the content hijack. But social warfare doesn’t compromise with the security of your content. They provide complete protection of your blog’s content being shared.

6. “click to tweet” quotes

The other amazing features of social warfare is that it gives you the features to directly tweet any quotes from your blog. This will surely increase the tweets count and will attract a good amount of social traffic.

7. Pinterest share

Social warfare provides the option to share your content pics directly to the Pinterest platform. The pin button appears when you will hover over any image and once the pin button is shown then you can share it in one click.

Now we have full knowledge of the features social warfare is providing. The free version is good for beginners but if you want to see a drastic change in the result and make your blog faster then it is better to go with the pro version. The pro version gives you full access to customize the shape, size and looks of the share buttons as the way you want it.

Other than social warfare you need a powerful web hosting server which can handle huge traffic on your blog otherwise it will be no use to install the social button when your site can handle the attracted traffic. WPX hosting is the best choice you can make and now you can get a discount on WPX hosting with the coupons.

The price of social warfare for the pro version is as follows.

  • 1. 29$ for a single website
  • 2. 89$ for 5 websites
  • 3. 139$ for 10 websites
  • 4. 349$ for unlimited websites

So if you want to increase your blog traffic then I recommend you to go with the pro version and use all the benefits of it. You can get the pro version in discount with a discount coupon.

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