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How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your Email Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your Email Marketing
Yashwant Shakyawal

Hello guys, today in this article, we are going to discuss how artificial intelligence can boost your email marketing. So keep reading.

Do you know Tony Stark’s AI assistant, JARVIS? It is a highly sophisticated AI that can interact with people in the same way as humans, and can easily do some things for Tony that would be impossible or too time-consuming. While that level of AI is yet to be achieved in real life, nowadays AI has reached a point where it can make many things more accessible, making people’s lives easier.

Artificial Intelligence can play a vital role in the email marketing field, making it cost-effective and straightforward. Many marketers around the world believe that AI will give a boost to their email campaigns. In this guide, we are going to understand the usage of AI in email marketing software.

Advantages of AI In Email Marketing

AI provides several short-term and long-term benefits in email marketing.

Revenue Boost:

The challenges faced by most email marketers have commonly disengaged customers, high rates of unsubscribing, and issues with deliverability and management of emails. The problem can be solved with the help of AI tools which will optimize the email sending frequency. After the implementation of AI in the email marketing strategy, one can get a much lower email volume needed to send, a low unsubscribing rate, a high open rate, increased revenue, and almost no deliverability issue.

Decreased Expense:

Statista report of 2022 showed that 51% of marketers witnessed a 20% decrease in operational cost after incorporating artificial intelligence in email marketing. Besides this, AI can generate a great design campaign which lowers the expenditure on the advertisement.

Bulk Data Extraction:

AI can extract actionable data which can be used to determine what is working in bulks of emails. By gaining the right info about the subscribers, bombarding of bulk non-relevant and generic emails can be avoided. You can send relevant emails which ultimately decrease the volume of emails and increase the opening rates.

Scaling of Email Marketing Campaigns:

The AI market is expected to grow to $126 billion by 2025 worldwide. More and more email marketers are turning to artificial intelligence platforms for communication. Whether you are an SF escape room or a NY laundromat, leveraging email marketing on AI saves businesses time for other business aspects.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your Email Marketing?

There are multiple ways AI can be used in email marketing campaigns. We are sharing eight ways out of them.

1. Email List Cleanup

Manually cleaning the outdated email database is a time-consuming and exhausting task. AI-powered tools can do this with ease by removing unnecessary contacts, updating phone numbers, job titles, and also many more things which improves the deliverability rate. Artificial intelligence algorithms keep email lists healthy, improve deliverability and engagement, and also ultimately avoid getting reported by email service providers.

2. Email Campaign Restructuring

AI tools can split big email campaigns into several small sub-campaigns which ultimately maximize delivery. Email privacy is becoming a significant concern these days, and amid this marketing freelancers must accentuate deliveries. We can understand this with an example, you can send a cart abandonment email. You can use AI to trigger a mail when a customer leaves the cart without making a purchase.

3. Enthralling Subject Lines

Phrasee reported that AI writing tools can write compelling subject lines which results in a 5-10% increase in email opening rates. Besides this, Artificial intelligence uses natural language generation and natural language processing technologies to write effective subject lines. For better clarity and effectiveness, NLP-based AI tools like editpad or rephrase also help you paraphrase subject lines in different unique ways. Well-known firms like eBay and Groupon are already using AI tools in their email marketing campaigns which earns them millions of dollars.

4. Email Personalization

Personalization of an email copy is one of the crucial elements of email marketing. Also, if a message feels personal to the recipient, there are high chances you get a reply and generate leads from that… Many brands and marketers are already using AI assistants to write their emails. Also, it’s a must-have tool for a business having a large number of clients. AI-based email writing tools like Conversion.ai, Lavender, Lola AI, and also Magic Sales Bot can easily write an email on any given topic in no time. Personalization is a key factor in cold email campaigns to receive a response.

BIMI can also be an effective tool for personalizing your emails. Also, it affixes your unique brand logo to outgoing commercial emails making it easier for potential customers to recognize your brand in their inboxes.

Also, in email personalization, you have to send unique and engaging emails which you can either manually write or use an AI paraphrase tool to help you in crafting effective email copies.

5. Smart Segregation

Manual segmentation of email lists is time-consuming, exhausting, and prone to mistakes. To make the process easier many marketers have turned to AI marketing tools. AI can categorize the email list using the information gathered previously. Their purchase history, preferences, and surfing behavior are used to segregate the email list into different segments which can be used to craft an accurate and relevant email campaign. Besides this, AI categorizes the emails according to the product that appeals to the customers, hence eliminating the guessing game, you can also use quizzes to build email lists to increase leads and improve conversion rates.

6. Customer Lifecycle

Finding potential customers is the first step of lifecycle email marketing. Businesses are using AI to understand the needs of customers. Moreover, the second step in the lifecycle of email marketing is to engage with the potential customer in a way that ascertains a good response rate. Besides this, AI can do this with ease without much human intervention. Also, this built a direct link with customers throughout their life ensuring brand loyalty.

7. Retargeting Customization

AI tools can fine-tune email retargeting strategies by segregating customers and sending them relevant emails. Some buyers might make a purchase immediately after receiving an email from you while some may take several days. Also, this is where AI can play a crucial role in increasing business by sending retargeting emails that resonate at the most appropriate time. AI also selects the items that the customer may purchase based on previous history, ultimately boosting revenue.

8. Smart Product Recommendation

AI can track the website activity of a customer and use the data to customize a product suggestion which can be sent via email. This data can also be used for data visualization to give a comprehensive view of customer behavior and preferences. Recommendations on websites based on activity data can be incorporated in real-time. Let us understand with an example, a customer visits a product website, AI can track their activity. Later, they can be contacted via email containing customized products or bundles and offers that might resonate with them. This increases the chances of a customer making a purchase. And with smart product recommendations, you can further experience LMS hosting which gives a phenomenal hosting experience to its user.

Email marketers can use AI for contact segregation, personalization, and other tasks, saving them time that can be used to focus on strategies and customer experience. How artificial intelligence can boost your email marketing? I hope you got the answer in this article. Thanks for reading.

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