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How To Spy On Your Competitor’s high Blogs Posts

author wpshopmart 26 May 2016

How To Spy On Your Competitor’s high Blogs Posts

It’s no secret that blogging may be a good way to drive relevant traffic to your web site. per HubSpot’s business blogging stats, B2B marketers that use blogs receive sixty seven a lot of leads than those who don’t. however the most effective half a couple of web log post is that it’s the flexibility to draw in quality traffic for years once you publish it.
However, however does one grasp that web log posts ar planning to drive top quality traffic and which of them ar planning to be nothing however a waste of it slow and efforts?

Valuable Content Doesn’t Equal Traffic

I hate to be the bearer of dangerous news, however simply because you’re golf stroke out “valuable content” on your web log, doesn’t mean it’s planning to generate traffic. I see corporations publication relevant web log posts all the time that ar ne’er planning to generate one web site visitant. Why?

They arn’t respondent an issue their prospects are finding out
They didn’t perform any keyword analysis before writing the web log post
Even if they did analysis keywords they didn’t analyze Google’s search results
Right now you’re in all probability asking yourself “how do i do know what queries my prospects American stateasure} asking” and “how abundant time is it planning to take me to analysis keywords”? I even have smart news!

You Can Spy On Your Competitors high web log Posts

You scan that right. you’ll be able to spy on your competitor’s high web log posts. Why would any merchandiser wish to pay hours of their time researching data for one web log post, after they will pay a few minutes spying on their competition? and, it’s fun spying on your competition while not them knowing.
So, what tool can we use to spy on our competitors and our client’s competitors? If you’ve ever done any offsite SEO like link building, you’ve in all probability detected of this tool. It’s known as Ahrefs.

Use Ahrefs to search out Your Competitors high Pages

At Leap Clixx, we have a tendency to use Ahrefs for a spread of incoming selling techniques, except for currently we’re simply planning to showcase one in all it’s several options. It’s known as high Pages.
After you sign in for a free trial of Ahrefs, you’ll be able to use website individual. This tool offers you AN in-depth cross-check the backlink profile and search traffic of any web site or computer address.
Simply enter the computer address of 1 of your competitor’s web log and click on on Explore. For this demonstration we have a tendency to used Revenue stream, a Mile-High City incoming selling agency, that includes a domain rating terribly near ours. Domain rating may be a score (on a a hundred purpose scale) that predicts the strength of your web site, or however well it’ll rank on Google.

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