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Top 8 Logo Design Trends Of 2024

Logo Design Trends
Yashwant Shakyawal

Are you designing a logo for your business? Creating the perfect logo design is extremely important as that lays down the foundation of your brand’s visuals. Your logo should reflect the mission, values, and principles of your brand. At the same time, it should be modern. The following are the top eight logo design trends of 2024 that you need to check out before you design the logo:

List of The top logo design trends

1. Gradients
2. Overlapping Geometry
3. Simplification
4. Partial Characters
5. Flat Designs
6.  Negative Space
7.  Monograms
8. Fine Lines

1. Gradients


Gradients in logos have endless possibilities. You can create all kinds of creative logos with your imagination by applying gradient techniques. However, you need to keep the basic principle in mind which is to have the shades of one color smoothly transition into another. One more thing- you can experiment with different colors but make sure (ideally) that the number of colors used is no more than three.

2. Overlapping Geometry

Overlapping Geometry

One of the hottest logo design trends you will notice this year is the use of overlapping geometrical shapes and text. It’s a good option for you if you want a bold logo. You can use overlapping shapes in a variety of ways as shown in the image above. You just need to know how to stack elements or layers. If you are using an advanced logo maker tool, then it would be simple.

3. Simplification

Every branding expert worth their salt knows that simplicity is the most powerful branding principle. The reason is that people have a very short attention span. If you want to grab the attention of your audience, then you need to be as simple and clear with your branding as possible. This rule applies to logo design as well.

Think of some of the most legendary brands, the likes of Nike, Apple, and Google. What’s one thing that their logos have in common? All of them are simple and minimalistic. It’s because these logos are simple that people are able to instantly recognize the brands anywhere they see the logos.

In 2021 people want simplicity more than ever. So, if you are designing a new logo, be sure that it’s simple and easy to remember.

4. Partial Characters

Partial Characters

You can add an element of surprise or mystery to your logos by making the text partial. You can remove a portion of a word, use fading colors, or use partial characters. This visual technique has been used by graphics designers for many years but it’s highly effective even today.

If you are using partial characters in your logo, be careful that don’t go too far and make the text illegible. Subtlety is the key here.

5. Flat Designs

Flat emblem designs have unique and appealing traits. They often use complementary color combinations and highlight the brand’s values through a symbolic background. The following are some of the main reasons why flat designs will be trending in 2021 also:

  • Flat Designs offer good readability and legibility
  • They provide a clear graphical hierarchy through icons, fonts, and colors
  • They can be easily adjusted in terms of responsible and adaptive design

Even though flat logo designs are easy to create, you can learn from some published designs. There is a wide range of creative flat logo designs that you can study online for inspiration.

6. Negative Space

Negative space is a well-known concept in the graphics design domain. It’s a blank space that surrounds the main design element of a logo. Many logos use negative space or white space to add another layer of meaning to a design. There are three ways to use negative space in your logo:

a. Wordmark Logo

Wordmark Logo

In wordmark logos, you can use negative space to show a hidden symbol or sign. Look at the above example to get the idea. It’s using the negative space in the shape of a feather which is also the name of the brand.

b. Symbol Within A Symbol

Symbol Within A Symbol

You don’t necessarily need to use negative space with alphabets, numbers, or certain characters. You can also use negative space with an icon or symbol as well (see above image). This is a great way to combine two complementary ideas and create a unique visual effect. Of course, you can also use negative space for words along with symbols.

c. Inside Letterform

Inside Letterform: Logo Design Trends

The final way to use negative space in a logo is to combine a letterform with a symbol. Ideally, you would want to keep a letter’s positive space and then create a negative space within the letter. The symbol is usually related to the brand’s industry or specific messaging. You can refer to the example above for a better understanding.

7. Monograms


A monogram logo is a decorated design that combines multiple letters to create a single attractive symbol. Ideally, three letters are used to create custom logo design for your company. There are many ways to create monogram logos as you can combine stacked elements, negative space, geometry, and other design techniques.

There are many examples of monogram logos that you can check to draw inspiration. These include HP, LG, Gucci, Chanel, etc.

8. Fine Lines

Fine Lines: Logo Design Trends

A new trend in the logo design space is the use of fine lines. You can understand the technique by picturing a logo that’s drawn with a sharp and dark pencil. This logo would have crisp and thin lines and allow it to stand out. Many logos made in this category use sans-serif fonts and imaginative geometry. You don’t need to draw many lines or create a complex pattern to create a logo with fine lines. Of course, you would need to study a few examples to get it right.

Things To Keep In Mind

You are free to draw inspiration from any design trend you like. However, it’s important that your logo adheres to the basic design principles which are:


It happens sometimes, when you find a beautiful logo, you want to borrow some of the techniques used in its design. This is completely fine as many graphic designers draw inspiration from the works of others and use their concepts. However, you shouldn’t imitate or copy. Even if your design is inspired by the work of someone else, it should be 100% original.


Don’t try to make your logo complex or grand. Instead, focus on creating the logo as simple and clear as possible. A logo that has clarity is able to make a long-lasting impression on people. This is related to the memorability factor which is discussed in the next point.


Try to make your logo highly memorable. After all, that’s one of the main reasons why you design a logo in the first place. If your logo isn’t attractive or unique enough to make a place in someone’s consciousness, then it’s defeated its purpose.

Right Colors And Fonts Are The Key

Choosing the right colors and typography for your logo is extremely important. Don’t go with your gut as your instincts might be motivated by your personal liking. Instead, study the science of color psychology, even if it’s just a few videos or articles. It will help you understand how colors have certain emotional connotations or use a color palette generator to make sure you have a combination that makes sense.

Just like colors, fonts also play a huge role in the effectiveness of a logo. Choose the right ones, and your logo could become the next Coca-Cola logo which is still one of the best. On the other hand, picking fonts that don’t go with the brand identity can send a mixed message and dilute the message. So, study typography and see which fonts work best for your brand. Take the help of a professional if needed.


Creating a high-quality logo design is important if you want to take your brand to the next level. By understanding the newest trends in graphics design, you can create a logo that’s apt for your brand but also looks modern. All the major logo design trends are discussed above in detail for your help. So, feel free to apply the information with your ideas. Good luck!

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