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7 Nail Care Don’ts That You Have to Know

Nail Care

If your nails are constantly weak, breaking, or are discoloured, it could be that there is something in your nail care routine that is causing the problems. The first thing that you should do with frequent nail problems is go to the doctor. You need to rule out medical issues that may be causing problems. If everything is alright on the health front, there are certain things that you should avoid doing; from having harsh chemicals in your nail kit to washing your hands too often, here are some of the biggest nail care don’ts:

Don’t paint your nails too often

When you apply nail polish, you are also applying the chemicals in it. Also, when you want to switch up the colour and use a nail polish remover – you are applying chemicals to your nails. These chemicals weaken the nails, and they can also leave stains and cause breaking. So, leave your manicure nail kit alone from time to time and go with bare nails.

Don’t push back your cuticles

Pushing back cuticles is common practice in nail care salons. It is advised to avoid it altogether, but most of you won’t do it. So, if you go to a nail salon, and the nail technician to go easy on the cuticles. Also, don’t push back cuticles on your own because it is likely that you will go too far. You need your cuticles for healthy nail growth and protection against infections, so go easy on them.

Don’t peel off nail polish

It is tempting to go to town on your nails when your nail polish starts peeling. However, you should avoid doing it; when you peel off nail polish, you also peel off the top layer of your nails. It weakens the nails, so use a quality, mild nail polish remover that should always be in your nail kit.

Don’t ignore your nails’ nourishment

Like your body, you should also nourish your nails to make them healthy. Minerals, vitamins, and oils are all important for nail health. You can use the nail kit by TrySprig and its cuticle cream to give your nails all the nourishment that they need. The all-natural, vegan, and dermatologically approved nail and cuticle cream nourishes the nails with important ingredients, and it also leaves a shiny coat.

Don’t overexpose your nails to water

Water, as healthy as it is, can actually damage your nails. Why? Because nails, like rocks, are softened by water, leading to weakening and breaking. So, unless you need to wash your hands, wear gloves when exposing your hands to water (cleaning, washing dishes, etc.).

Don’t share your nail care tools

Your nail kit just is just that – YOUR nail kit. You should not let other people use your tools, nor use theirs. Bacteria and fungi are easily transferred between nail care tools, so you should not share them.

Don’t use dirty tools

If you have multi-use tools in your nail kit, like scissors and clippers, you should clean them from time to time. If such tools are stainless – you can boil them clean. You can also use medical-grade alcohol to clean and disinfect your tools. It is easy and worthwhile.

So, there you have it: 7 nail care don’ts that you should not ignore. With a few simple habits, you can enjoy healthy and gorgeous nails that you can maintain easily. You can read here about the best spa WordPress themes.


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