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Birthday Gift Ideas for Tech Engineer

Birthday Gift Ideas for Tech Engineer
Yashwant Shakyawal

Tech Engineer, the most fun-loving, adventurous, smart, and outgoing people yet the most intelligent and witty people. They are known for their hidden talents apart from their intelligence in academics. You can see so many personalities in a single person you might start wondering if they’re a chef, blogger, traveler, teacher, youtube, or what! They are the ones you see with a 9-5 job handling multiple people and their own passion hand in hand. But they have the most unsorted and chaotic manners in handling all this, what’s time management? What’s management at all? Waking up for nights on end without sleep where you could have worked in the day probably, but no, that’s the basic quality of a techie, doing everything on time without a plan! If you know, celebrate their birthday in the craziest way. Make random, wild, extravagant, enthusiastic, and amazing plans. You can involve other friends and family members in these plans too, an amalgam of emotions, gifts, memories, and close people is the perfect mixture for a perfect birthday.

Here are five ideas you could go to celebrate your Technology loving friend’s birthday-

Tech free getaway

It is practically impossible for anyone to not stay addicted to their screens these days, be it be mobile phone screens or laptop screens. Plan a tech-free getaway trip for your friend where there are rules which include not carrying any of your digital devices apart from your phones (since that’s something you can’t leave behind). Go someplace in the beautiful nature, have a little picnic of your own, eat green, and detox your bodies.

Midnight surprise

It is the usual until you make it special, create a combo package with pictures, chocolates, cookies, flowers, and handwritten notes. Send flowers to your techie friend along with this combo box, select the best from the various categories on our website. Online flower delivery worldwide is made easy with simple clicks and taps on our site. Accompany this with cakes, gifts, mugs, and a lot more. Leave it at their doorstep at sharp 12 on their birthday night and surprise them!

Customized collection with beautiful flowers

The world is getting customized, sheets, cushions, mugs, blankets, jewelry, cars, etc etc. Get your pictures printed and sew them up to make a cozy blanket, wrist bracelets, phone covers, and so much more. Decorate a room full of it with balloons and flowers. You can get easily online flower delivery along with other gift items in just a click from any online florist and keep a cake in the middle of the room. Light it up with scented candles and make it well lit.

Cafe hop

Go cafe hopping, have nachos at one place and pancakes at another, a mojito at one and shakes at another. Go cafe hopping from one to another with your techie friend on his/her birthday. Try out different delicacies and seize the day with food and only food.

Gaming Day

If your friend is a video game addict take them to the gaming zone in your city, make them play for hours, and if you are pro too then accompany your friend. Play PUBG, counter-strike, GTA5, or any game that interests your friend. Ludo for a change wouldn’t hurt anyone, if you play it in a group it won’t seem silly at all, it’ll be fun instead.

Plan out according to your friend’s interests and hobbies, execute the plan well but even if you go with zero planning you will somehow end up celebrating your friend’s birthday in the craziest way because hey! That’s a technophile you’re talking about.

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