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Changes to Expect in the First Year of College

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Students approach college with feelings ranging from excitement to anxiety, nervousness, fear, and hope. Understandably, many students see college as a massive transition with many changes happening from high school. To smooth the growth process, here is a list of some changes to expect in First Year of College and how to deal with them.

Increased Personal Freedom

When moving to college, expect a greater level of personal freedom. You will be tasked with deciding most things, including which course to do, the classes to attend, and clubs to join. In other words, your daily schedule will be your responsibility. You can decide whether to attend class or use the time to go out to a party.

Many students get excited about the freedom that comes to attending college. The idea that no one will control what you do and when you do it can be exciting. College is a time for you to decide which classes to take when to take them, what to study, and where to learn.

However, with increased freedom comes greater responsibility. You will have the mandate of making sure that you attend classes on time and have healthy meals. In other words, you will need to hold yourself accountable for achieving your goals and guaranteeing your wellbeing.

A Lot of Required Reading

Unlike high school, where teachers assigned readings when there was no homework, the college has tons of mandatory readings. In college, going through the assigned readings allows students to effectively participate in class discussions, which contribute to a considerable component of their grades. Going through your class readings also will enable you to understand better the information presented by your professor in class.

As you go through your mountain of college reading, relax and plan appropriately. Although the number of books you need to read may seem daunting, there are tips to help you tackle the reading effectively. For instance, try reading backwards from the last chapter to the first. Skim through the material, searching for essential information.

Studying Takes Time and Dedication

Another element of college you should expect is more hours spent studying for tests. You may have completed college without having to spend countless hours hunched over books and journal articles. However, reading will dominate a significant part of your college life. At this level, the task is not just about spending a few minutes cramming information before a major test.

Your professors will expect you to analyze and understand the core course concepts. It would be best to establish a healthy study pattern from the onset, dedicating specific hours of the day to go through your class material and work on assignments. It would help if you also considered choosing a dedicated study space to be free from distractions.

There Is a Hire Demand for Time Management Skills

College life is often hectic, and students have to work on their time management skills. In most instances, you will have multiple competing interests to focus on, including assignments, exams, extracurriculars, and classes.

To be successful, you need to work on your time management skills. Learn to schedule your semester, prioritize tasks, and create to-do lists. Also, review how you spend your hours and eliminate distractions and time-wasters.

Most first-year college students feel overwhelmed because they cannot account for their hours and procrastinate on essential tasks. Organize your days and schedule resting time in your daily plan. If you need help, order custom papers from an essay writing service online.

There Is a Need to Deal with Homesickness

One of the most severe challenges college freshmen encounter during their first year on campus is homesickness. Here homesickness means feeling out of place and missing your loved ones because you are in a new environment. The phenomenon is quite common and affects more than half of first-year students in the United States.


To deal with homesickness, learn to participate in on-campus clubs and activities. Attend class and make friends with whom you share common interests and hobbies. Avoid the temptation to return home each time you feel lonely. Instead, take steps to make your living space as comfortable as possible. Also, participate in campus events and keep in touch with friends and loved ones.

College can be a frustrating place with tons of changes. At the same, there are many unique experiences students can enjoy. It would help if you prepared for the change in more freedom, different surroundings, and new relationships. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to seek support. Hopefully this article you really liked.


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