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How to Save Files in TXT Format in TextEdit on Mac?

How to Save Files in TXT Format in TextEdit on Mac
Yashwant Shakyawal

TextEdit – the default text editor on Macs, is particularly good. In fact, in case your best need from a text editor is to style out some stuff, structure it a bit, and hold it, then TextEdit will, by and large, fit the invoice effectively. However, there is one factor about TextEdit that may be worrying to most persons. If you try and retailer a TextEdit document, it doesn’t mean you can put it aside as a plain text file. So, if you particularly wish to use TextEdit, and save your documents with the .Txt format, here is how you can do it:

Create Files in TXT Format on Mac: Editing the Preferences

It appears, there’s a – form of – hidden feature in TextEdit as a way to permit us to save our files within the simple text format. It requires us to enter TextEdit’s preferences, and tweak some settings. That is what we ought to do:

1. Launch TextEdit, and go to “TextEdit -> Preferences“, or press “command + ,“.


2. Change over to the “Open and retailer” tab. We must exchange two matters right here, first, determine the checkbox subsequent to “Add .Txt extension to straightforward text records“; and second, exchange the “Saving files” encoding to “UTF-eight“.


Once we’ve got transformed these settings in Preferences, we can store documents within the undeniable textual content (.Txt) format. Let’s test it out.

1. Launch TextEdit, and create a new record.


2. Sort some text into this document. Since we wish to shop an undeniable textual content file, we will be able to no longer format the textual content whatsoever.

3. Now, go to “File -> keep“, or press “command + S“.

4. In the store dialog field, you’re going to see the option “If no extension is furnished, use.Txt“. It’ll be checked by way of default, but when it isn’t, examine it.


5. Select where you wish to have to save lots of the plain textual content file, and click on “save“.

Your file will now be saved within the undeniable text structure (.Txt), and that you may now start utilizing TextEdit to create plain text documents, simply the way in which you can do in Notepad, on home windows.

Save TextEdit Files in TXT Format

You should utilize this system to enable saving records in the.Txt format to your Mac. This will are available in handy, should you like taking notes and saving them in a.Txt layout, for handy perusal each time you need. So, were you aware of this useful tweak within the preferences for TextEdit? If now not, what software has been you using to create simple text documents for your Mac? Also, if you know of every other approach to saving documents within the.Txt format on Mac, do let us know in the comments section below.

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