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Page Views vs Visits. What is the main difference? why they are Important in SEO?

Page Views vs Visits
Yashwant Shakyawal

If you are running an online business or if you have a blog then it is very important for you to understand the difference between page views and visits. If you are new to website tracking analytics then there is a high chance that you will get confused between the page views and visits. To solve this problem in this article I will explore Page Views vs Visits and tell you why they are Important in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

So, without wasting more time let’s start.

Page Views

Pageviews can be defined as the number of times a page gets loaded or reloaded by website visitors. In simple words, a page view happens when your website visitor loads your website or their web browser.

If someone comes to your website through a search engine and due to some problem or issue he or she has to reload your webpage so by this action of your website visitor your Analytics tool will register two page views even though the same visitor generated them is a small period of time.


A session is a total amount of time a user spends on your business website and Blog within a certain period. A session expires after thirty minutes of inactivity. During one session your Analytics tool like Google Analytics tracks all-important visitors activity on your websites and blogs such as Views, visits, and Engagement.

Unique Page Views

Unique Page Views refers to a number the number of different pages a visitor read during a session. In simple words, if a visitor comes to your website through Google and refreshes your website five times during a 30 minutes session then Analytics tools like Google Analytics will count it as six-page views and one unique page view.

Page Visits

A page Visit occurs when someone comes to your website from an external source such as your Backlink or outside of your Domain then it will count as a visit. Let say a user go to Google and search for a keyword and then he or she found your webpage and click on it, after few time if he or she reloads the page then it will still count as one visit.

After that, if he or she leaves your website and search for another keyword on Google and then again land on your other web page then your analytics tool will count this incident as two visits.

How Page visits and Views influence SEO.

According to some metrics page visit and views doesn’t impact your Website’s SEO directly. But they might influence your website’s SEO indirectly because the search engines use both factors to calculate other ranking factors.

If your page views are high google will consider your website as a popular website. If you have a high unique website visitor google will push your ranking because Google thinks that your content is unique, easy to understand, and loved by your audience. A high page view to visits ratio generally shows that users are spending more time on your website, which is a positive SEO ranking factor. So having a high page view and visits will influence your website ranking.


I hope now you will understand what is the main difference between page views and visits. So that it from my side also please share this article so that your friends and followers will also understand the main factors behind Page Views vs Visits.

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