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Does Remote Employee Tracking Affect Your Revenue in 2024?

Remote Employee Tracking

Many businesses still do not believe in the remote working policy – which might be the reason for the lack of awareness about controlling the remote employee and tracking their productivity. Multitude companies think that the remotely-working trend would not only cripple their creativity but also take innovation and productivity off the charts.

However, the onset of the pandemic situation pushed the entire industry into the WFH (Work from Home) culture. As per this situation, there emerged the requirement for digital tracking of the employees and their work policy attributes. It is where the employee tracking services and software shine.

Troubles in Tracking Challenges

Tracking every employee of your company in terms of their performance and productivity is a really demanding task. Many of the exclusive project management tools work on the surface level and record their working hours. This information will not give you the entire picture you would actually need to know.

Getting detailed information is significant in today’s remotely working culture. A company should have knowledge about every possible thing, including live feedback, every minute of work, and their highly productive hours. These metrics play an important role in getting the desired insights into the working patterns of concerned employees. These results would eventually increase the revenue of the company.

Here are some of the highly beneficial tools that can aid the tracking process.

Conducting Regular Online Meetings

You can come across various video conferencing software in the market, which has eased remote work. However, this method has its attributes which we have enlisted below.


  • Better communication methods among online ones.
  • It makes the sharing of information quick and simple.
  • Eventually, save your precious time
  • Increases the revenue of the company


  • Decreased human interaction
  • Requirement of high-speed and stable internet connection with other significant equipment

Task/Project Management Systems

The requirement of these management systems for remote employee tracking the businesses is a must. However, sometimes there arise some situations where even these efficient services are not that effective.


  • Highly customizable as per your requirements
  • It gives you access to visual tracking
  • Various solutions for different customers service


  • No integrated support
  • Takes time in the starting configuration

Micromanagement Techniques

A business manager should be aware of all the activities and project roles of its team employees. There should be close monitoring while closely controlling and reminding the employees of their part in the project. This tool is ineffective for remote employee tracking. Hence, it is recommendable to opt for the project management software for better working.

Know when and what to Monitor

This aspect would give you a comprehensive idea of what the employees think of monitoring. As per the survey, around 70% of the employees are against the close monitoring software.

They think that it damages the reliability and trust factor between them and the company. And almost 40% believe it is wrong to closely monitor them as it violates their privacy.

You should be wise enough while employ these tracking technologies with suitable intent and objectives. You can opt for reliable and top-tier services like www.workexaminer.com, which knows their limits and work with efficiency.

Some industries where you can witness a considerable effect on revenue are Finance, Designers, Information Technology, Web Development, Accounting, Media, etc. Be transparent and let your employees know that they are being monitored with a suitable tool.

Here are some pointers that will empower you to manage your employees effectively. These will help raise the productivity meter and eventually a progressive revenue collection.

  • Always keep your deadlines earlier than the actual ones. You need to keep a close watch on the goals and set the expectations among employees as early as possible to meet the milestones within the stipulated time. Convey the availability of the members while swiftly switching the roles to gain the desired performance.


  • Regular communication with assertion. You are a business leader, then take actions like one. Try to be assertive in what you are assigning to the employees while understanding their skills and capabilities. With good tracking software and an effective internet usage policy, it is possible to track their activities.


  • Try to conduct the in-person meetings routinely. Human interaction is another tool that can enhance employees relations to achieve better coordination.


  • Organizing one-to-one interactions of all the employees is a must. It increases the engagement among the employees and keeps them updated on every new development in the current projects. Encourage the team members to ask their queries, give suggestions, and raise concerns for enhancing their awareness and reliability factor.

Ending Thoughts

We should be well aware that skilled and hard-working employees are a real asset to the company. However, we should not forget the potential assets that have room for improvement through training sessions. You can better organize and administer the projects with the employment of excellent employee tracking software and services.

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