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Top 10 of the prettiest gamblers in the world

Prettiest Gamblers

The gaming industry, historically, has always been dominated by men since the 1950s; popularly casino gaming. At that time, women were mostly allocated ‘supporting roles of entertainment’, which frankly speaking, was prostitution. Women were strictly not allowed into the gaming circle. Consequently, in nations where gaming was legal. Top spots in gambling circuses were held by men, the situation was no different in local casinos. However, in the last two decades, the world of gambling has taken a different turn.

Some sort of revolution occurred in the feminine world and female prettiest gamblers no longer had to be interested in and be involved in gaming secretly. Amongst male and female gamers, the role of the latter began to become more prominent. Females could be tagged ‘pro-gamblers’ in the gaming world, sit at top positions in the gaming clubs, organizations, and even own casinos. At the same time, the best bonus buy slots appeared, and women being very skillful strategists became usual well-known winners in many casinos.

Apparently, in the 21st century, we see the evidence of the words of the Women’s Poker Managing Editor who once said that “women in the gaming industry were firmly and relentlessly establishing themselves and are sure to stand tall alongside their male counterparts in gambling”.

Statistical Facts of Women in Gambling

As female prettiest gamblers in the world gradually found their place in the gaming industry. Countries across the world saw the numerical statistics of women’s prettiest gamblers increase, both for positive and negative reasons.

Facts Reason
World gambling figures saw a rise to 26% of the world population in countries like the US. UK, Australia, Canada, Thailand, and Macau. This is because more gaming centers emerged in these places, allowing women to account for about one-third of this percentage.
In 2015, the above percentage tripled across these countries and neighboring countries. Local casino operators fuelled this increase, as well as the decline in the discrimination and relegation of women to the background in the gambling fold.
Women spend well over 21 months of gambling in their average lifetime, compared to men who spend an average of 14 months. Over the years, more than 1000 gambling sites now exist such as https://www.slotozilla.com/, known to be patronized by sit-at-home moms and nursing mothers to get distracted from the stress of their toddlers and daytime boredom.
Between the age of 45-64 gamblers across the world, females outnumber men. Women, based on the emotional standpoint, deal with loss and divorce in later years of life, worse than men. Hence, a resolution to gambling to cope with lifestyle changes.

Asides from the above, below are some contributing factors to the increase of women in the gambling industry:

  • Experiences of self-isolation and self-abandonment, resulting in gambling to get over common mental issues like anxiety and depression
  • The need to gamble for supremacy or to exert dominance, (aiming to play rather than winning).
  • Victims of abuse or family history of addiction are often prone to gambling.

Gambling: Skills, Brains, and Beauty

So far, despite the negative and positive sides of the narrative, female gamblers are very much still being established in the gambling scene. Take a good look at the evolution so far and the way the tables have turned in the gaming industry. It is safe to say that women also enjoy gambling as much as men do. Although, despite this statistical growth, there seems to still be some sort of underrepresentation.

However, despite this, the world in several nooks and crannies holds different records of several women in the industry. Females who are not only capable of turning heads with notable achievements, and are still making waves, but with breathtaking looks!

Top 10 Prettiest Gamblers Known in the World

Now, after we have already discussed the main reasons why so many women appeared in the gambling industry, let’s take a look at the most popular prettiest Gamblers, who captivate the world with their beauty.

Carlotta ‘Lotte Deno’ Thompkins

Known to be one of the oldest female figures in gambling, Carlotta Thompkins was one of the gambling royalties in the world. Popularly known in the gambling world as ‘lotte Deno’, she claimed to have learned all about gambling from her father. Kentucky-born in 1844 damsel was a trailblazer across Texas and New Mexico in gambling and was sure to garner multiple wins wherever she stepped foot. Carlotta sure had the looks but was sure to plant her feet in the sands of time in gambling throughout the Wild West and even Texas before her death at the age of 89.

Poker Alice

Losing her first husband in a car accident, Alice chose to find comfort in gambling and support herself as well. After testing the waters, she soon realized that she was more than her pretty face and that she was incredibly talented at gambling. Don’t be surprised to know that ‘Poker’ is not originally her last name.

The appellation came through when Alice became notable for being so good at poker, that people came from neighboring communities to either watch her play or challenge her. Today, Alice Ivers Duffield Tubbs’ Huevert reputation still precedes her as one of the prettiest and most famous female gamblers of all time.

Claudine Williams

How can history forget gorgeous Claudine Williams? She lies in history to be one of the pioneers of casino operations in Nevada. She may never have really been a good gambler, yet she founded one of the biggest gambling establishments in Nevada today, the Holiday Casino, and the first to own a casino/strip club.

Annie Duke

History tells that Annie stepped into the gambling fold in her early twenties and never walked out, figuratively. What started off as just something to have some fun with. Ended up earning her the title of a ‘pretty professional’. Winning over $70,000 in the gambling world series brought Annie Duke into the limelight. She is retired today but still ranks 4 in the category of top female poker earners.

Gladys Knight

Talk of sheer beauty and incredible talent and talk of Gladys Knight. With globally loved music, the 7-time Grammy award winner built a very successful career as a singer and an entertainer. However, behind the curtains of all that was also a highly successful gambler who exclusively played Baccarat and Blackjack. The soul singer, is also known as the ‘Empress of Soul’. Revealed in her autobiography how, to her, casinos are a haven of safety and protection.

Kathy Liebert

Stunning Kathy Liebert is famous for being one of the biggest modern poker winners. Kathy successfully reached the final across 6 different world tournaments and multiple numbers of starspots in other tournaments as well. She eventually did win one World Series tournament. Now stands named as the second-biggest female gambler in professional poker.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

Talk of names in the UK’s biggest female pokers club and Victoria C. Mitchell’s name wouldn’t go unmentioned. The dashing BBC presenter and published author has her name in the poker hall of fame. She is having earned over two and a half million dollars from professional gambling and counting.

Annette Obrestad

Anette is all beauty and brains as well as one of the youngest damsels on the game scene. Born in the late 90s, Annette’s record of poker playing started as early it could at the age of 15. Ensuring her best to not get caught for gambling illegally as a minor. Since the emergence of more technological advancement. Hence, with YouTube and online casinos, Annette did a good job building her gambling empire in the online space. Annette earns most of her best fits in gambling from online casino payouts. She currently sits at the number 6th spot in the ranks of top female poker earners, with a net worth of about $4 million.

Kristen Bicknell

Kristen took the world of gambling by storm in 2011 as a university undergraduate and worked her way up to being a dignified name in poker. In 2017, this lovely Canadian once ranked as the number 1 professional female poker player in the world. She now currently ranks 3rd in the list of highest female poker earners. Mow garnering over 5 million dollars in fortune so far.

Vanessa Selbst

All hail the queen of gambling, who is equally multi-talented and blessed with jaw-dropping looks. So far, Vanessa is doing a very good job holding on to her title as the top poker earner on the leaderboard with a net worth of nearly $12 million so far in her gambling career. She also deserves the accolades for being the only woman to have ever gotten ranked number 1 in the Global Poker Index. There are talks that she might as well be the best poker player ever.

With her incredible talents way beyond the poker table, the MIT and Yale graduate, with a law degree, is known to work as a hedge fund manager when she is not gambling.


The gender ratio of men to women in gambling still has not limited the latter from achieving lots in the industry. If you are ever considering channeling your pretty face into professional gambling, then you sure have pros to learn from! Above in the article, there is a list of ten of the most popular prettiest gamblers women who have not only pretty faces. But enough skills to be in some cases better than many men.

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