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Why to use Pre-employment tests? What is this Technical test?

Why to use Pre-employment tests What is this Technical test
Yashwant Shakyawal

Organizations in this contemporary era are extremely result oriented. These seek productivity and high sales. It makes sense too. A massive capital is on stake when you run a business. A single wrong move or incorrect action and the entire business can get into debt. The point is to create a working setup that is armed with professionalism and affectionate. In case all the candidates you get recruited in your organization are technically sound apart from being good at their core areas; there could be nothing more you want! After all, good staffs lead a business towards a good future.

SHL assessments tests are used by employees whereas they can easily evalute and compare the abilities of the candidates.

A valuable tool

Once you have a test in your recruitment program it would work as a valuable tool. It would examine the candidates in the best light and make sure that there is no partiality. Nobody can dodge or trick these tests because these are pre-designed. You can look for using an online technical test for job recruitment. You know technical tests have become a common area of the interview process for various companies.

What exactly a technical test?

Technical aptitude tests mainly check the domain-specific technical abilities, computer fundamentals, visual, mechanical, quantitative and spatial skills candidates possess. Once the candidates go through these tests you can be sure that they are good technically. When you talk about technical aptitude tests particularly designed for assessing candidates, what these tests do is they simply draw a very accurate picture and the candidate’s capability to come out meritorious. The tests can have different areas in them and if you want you can also get the tests customized as per your needs. In this way, you can be sure that the technical skills you are seeking in your candidates are there in them.

This kind of assessment generally measures the hard skills of the candidates and shows recruiters if the candidates have suitable expertise for a specific or certain job. A few of the skills tested include the following:

  • Typing ability
  • Engineering concepts
  • Operating machinery
  • Gamified thinking style
  • Accounting concepts
  • Software knowledge
  • Fluency in a foreign language
  • Writing/English ability
  • Strategic presentation

In general, a technical employment assessment test aims to examine the hard skills that are directly linked with the job the candidates are applying for. You would not disagree that these tests tell you about eh technical depths of the candidates. Once you know how sound a person is technical, you can easily make a decision about him on the basis of his or her performance in other segments of the recruitment program too.

Are these tests really crucial?

Aptitude, critical, technical and knowledge tests have long been a significant part of pre-employment screening. It is mainly in industries that demand specific types of skills to function in a job role. Such fields can be like information technologies and law enforcement. These typically demand some proof that the candidates have training in the field and that they can apply their knowledge in specified scenarios. While there are restrictions as to the usefulness and decorum of testing, there are obvious advantages to doing it.

Diminished turnover

You know turning over one employee can cost nearly 1/2 of a low skilled hourly staff member’s annual wages plus benefits. And at the same time losing a member of C-Level upper management could cost three to five times his or her annual wages and advantages.” One of the characteristic reasons for turnover is the incapability to perform job functions. If you methodically test all potential employees’ aptitude and knowledge before recruiting them and finding out they are not suitable for the position, you will definitely reduce this costly expense.

Appraisal of skills

When an applicant or candidate understands in the start of the employment screening process that he or she is going to be screened on knowledge in the field, they are less likely to attempt to talk their way into a position. A manifold choice and true-false portion in a technical or knowledge assessment test is characteristically a real way of understanding a potential employee’s skill degree. While some employees do not give the test well, requiring a test of a candidate gives you a glimpse into their capability to handle adversity and pressure while showing you some of what they know. These traits are challenging to discover with only a segment of an interview.

Placement of the candidate

The proper skills testing is going to help you determine which particular position or team the applicant is going to fit into best. Once a team has a skill deficiency, examining a group of candidates to determine which one has learned a better grasp of the weak area makes for a much better selection. Merely asking about the skillsets in the interview might not give the recruiters an adequate understanding of the aptitude of the candidate.

A point is maybe a person has a fancy resume, a stylish accent, a lively face and a streak of degrees; what is the point if he or she is unable to work well in the business setup? You would agree that employees have to prove themselves every day. They cannot survive on the basis of their achievements in the past. Maybe they were the toper of their college but what is the point if they are unable to solve a simple technical question asked? That would be really disappointing right? It is better to know about the depths of the skills of the candidates during recruitment program itself than to get shocked down the weeks.

If the recruiters get to know that the candidates are really good at technical skills and their understanding of the concepts is really firm; they can make sure that they place them in the areas wherein they can bloom and bring more productivity to the business. There are always different positions in the IT department or technical department. With the help of the test, it would be easy for you to allocate the specific technical designation to the candidates on the basis of their skills.


So, whether a technical test or any other pre-employment or appraisal assessment tests; these can play a crucial role in your business. The tests can help you make sound decisions.

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