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WordPress providing .blog domain

WordPress providing .blog domain soon
Yashwant Shakyawal


WordPress providing .blog domain soon

WordPress announced to launched WordPress providing .blog domain soon. Good news for WordPress lovers.
Till OCT 2016 WordPress providing .blog domain soon. once upon a time there was a platform known as a weblog. Before humankind may Snapchat, tweet, YouTube, or Instagram it’s every waking thought, people usually Sat down in front of a physical keyboard and frolicked fastidiously composing a rant of many hundred words, I mean post, on some topic or other. Now it’s simply one thing marketers do.WordPress providing .blog domain soon.
Maybe we’ll see a personal blogging revivification (no LiveJournal-Esque emo poetry, please) now that Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has acquired the .blog commanding domain (TLD).
Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg aforesaid, on his blog of course, that the acquisition cost concerning $20 million when the company on the QT bid for the TLD mistreatment dummy company Knock Knock Whois There. No, really.
There’s a waiting list for sign-up if you wish to induce a .blog. Trademark holders can get theirs in August and the remainder of the USA can need to wait till October.

Why choose a .BLOG domain name?

15 years agone, only a few folks had any plan what a “blog” was. Now there square measure currently around 156 million public weblogs and the word blog a section of the everyday speech. It’s even recognized by most major dictionaries! The new domain space created by.BLOG can enable the ever-growing variety of blogs to change and connect in new and exciting ways that.

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