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WordPress Vs. Shared Hosting – Which One Is Good For Us?

WordPress Vs Shared Hosting
Yashwant Shakyawal

Hey guys, today in this blog post, we are going to discuss WordPress vs shared hosting – which one is good for us? So keep reading.

Web hosting is an important factor in a every website. It relates to the place where all your website content and records are stored. Web hosting is the service that brings your website accessible on the internet, and every business needs a web hosting account to be online. There are many hosting companies around the world, and they give many various packages, and it is not apparent most of the time which one business and which package to select. The hosting type you choose will rely on your budget, server and website requirements, and the amount of control you need. Of greater significance is the option of a web hosting service provider, as this involves the overall performance of your website. If you don’t accept the time to check out the host before purchasing into the plan, moving to a new host will implicate time and money.

So without wasting any more time, let’s start our topic of WordPress vs shared hosting:

What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is the operating content management system where stoners can build websites without greatly coding expertise. WordPress hosting India can host websites that are created in the WordPress forum. It expects a hosting plan to bring a server area that ensures website security and higher performance. WordPress is the world’s most famous CMS, with nearly 42% of all websites using it. This is why numerous web hosting companies offer managed WordPress hosting services. WordPress hosting plans contain a multisite feature to manage several sites from one dashboard. It just extremely takes one click to install WordPress on your hosting account, and they do different optimizations in addition to the critical WordPress installation to assure optimal website speed.

WordPress hosting always comes at a higher price than shared hosting due to its technical features, services, and purposes. This is tremendous if you have more budget to reserve, but it can mean extra costs in the long run.

Advantages Of WordPress Hosting:

  1. The ease of use also carries over to server optimization. The web host clarifies all the server configurations match the best techniques for WordPress optimization.
  2. WordPress is the most prominent content management system. The general use of the system makes it a common target for attacks. Your hosting company can ensure that all WordPress-specific threats are carried into concern. They can then save you from these particular threats.
  3. These are qualified professionals who know the WordPress platform inside and out. They will be prepared to ensure that your website is optimized to run on WordPress and then operate on the optimal server.
  4. Bandwidth permits data to be transferred between your site and clients and the internet in public. Some corporations offer limits on plans, limiting the amount of traffic you can have. However, the best WordPress hosts give endless bandwidth.
  5. You will get dedicated WordPress assistance that will help in plugin installs and theme problems.

What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is web hosting where your site shares multiple websites to use a single web server. In shared hosting, the website files of a special client are placed on the server with other website files. Thus, the server reserves and bandwidth are shared among all the websites on that server. The customers have minimum control over the systems and settings of this hosting. Shared hosting is an adequate hosting solution for small to medium-scale businesses and to host particular websites. These websites do not need vast bandwidth and more resources. Hence, it is a good hosting method for useful websites. However, it is not an affordable solution for high-traffic websites.

Security is a crucial factor in web hosting, but it is very small in shared hosting. It will be simple for hackers to hack your website anytime. When the server is filled up with more websites, there will be an increase in high traffic and expected this, and the processing speed gets passive; hence the system will get crashed and break. Mostly, your host provider will want you to upgrade your hosting plan when your site is the motive that its shared server reserves are at their limit.

Advantages Of Shared Hosting:

  1. The main benefit of shared hosting is its low price since multiple people use a similar server, resisting the low server costs.
  2. In shared hosting, you don’t have complete control over your server, which defines ease of use for beginners who don’t have a great idea about hosting technicalities.
  3. The most important benefit of web hosting is the productive use of server space, bandwidth, and additional server resources.
  4. Also, it is deemed that you will get the fastest resolution correlated to WordPress or a dedicated server in shared hosting. As multiple users utilize the server, it is the priority to solve the problem by the hosting company in an extremely minimum timeline.
  5. Your side expects no technical maintenance of the server. The company itself will wrap it.

WordPress Vs Shared Hosting: Which One Is Good For Us?

The options are easy to create if you are clear about which aspect is a priority for you. Each of the two has features that cater to particular business requirements. If you need more flexibility and adaptability, then go for Shared hosting. It is suitable for beginners who’re just starting a new business online. There’s no technical knowledge expected, and most web hosts will give simple one-click WordPress installs. Due to its reasonable costs, shared hosting is also excellent for personal websites, blogs, or online portfolios.

WordPress hosting is extremely beneficial if you take the time to choose a solid web hosting service provider that gives better WordPress advantages compared to others. You have the financial normals, and you should use WordPress hosting. Sure, it may be more costly than the others. But the help you get is worth every penny you lend.


You are a hosting service optimized to run your website quicker and smoother. In brief, shared hosting is acceptable for websites with minimum traffic, while WordPress hosting is more acceptable for websites with more traffic. However, both can play a significant role in exponentially taking your online presence ahead. I hope you liked this article on WordPress vs shared hosting. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends and social media followers such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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