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How to remove lifehacĸer.com Referral Spam

Yashwant Shakyawal

How to remove lifehacĸer.com Referral Spam we are suggesting you solutions here. This spammer has been referrer spamming various browser add-ons and websites for quite a while and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time quickly. The drawback to this is that it can damage your Google Analytics information and make it hard to monitor your right information. The visitors acquired from referrer spam can impact many of the knowledge on your GA studies. For instance, the referrals will appear to land on a single webpage on your internet site and leave from the same website and this may create a hundred% bounce price. If your internet site is particular via referrer spammers you will not be able to determine your website’s genuine bounce expense unless you filter the traffic out.

Although referrer spam can wreck your analytical data it’ll no longer damage your website or affect your internet site’s SEO, including your rank in Google search outcome pages. This is comfortably spam that desires to get your attention.

The spammer will utilize various tactics to be able to make it seem like your internet site bought referral visitors from lifehacĸer.Com even though it rather did not. This variety of net traffic is a distinctive form of net site visitors often called “ghost visitors.” The spammer virtually sends phantom viewers to your internet site’s Google Analytics account with a view to make it appear as if anyone visited your internet site from the referral URL.

Kindly follow these steps to resolve your problem

Step -1 Login into your analytics dashboard


Step-2 Click On Admin At top


Step-3 Click On All Filter


Step-4 Click on Add Filter


Step-5 Add Filter Name lifehacĸer.com or anything whatever you want and click on custom.


Step-6 Select Campaign Source under Filter Field.


Step-8 Paste lifehacĸer.com in Filter Pattern Text Box


Step-8 Select All Website Data -> Add -> Save


Now Span has blocked. Please comment if you like this post.

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