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5 Best Tips To Improve Website User Experience

Tips To Improve Website User Experience
Yashwant Shakyawal

Hey guys, today in this article, we will discuss the 5 best tips to improve website user experience. So keep reading.

Having a website that your visitors will like the most is not easy. When users click on your website, what makes them stay there for long is the kind of experience they get.

Creating a valuable user experience can look like a fall feat. So what can you do to enhance user experience and improve your site SEO ranking?

If you are looking forward to making your website user-friendly for your target audience, you should include the tips below.

5 Best Tips To Improve Website User Experience:

1. Optimize Site Speed And Core Web Vitals
2. Use Live Chat
3. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
4. Improve Site Navigation
5. Use Videos On Landing Pages

1. Optimize Site Speed And Core Web Vitals

When users click on your website, they expect the web pages to load in less than three seconds. They expect a speedy and seamless online experience. Therefore, ensure your web page takes less than three seconds to load and optimize for core web vitals if you want to achieve a higher conversion rate.

At least 53% of site visitors will leave if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. Today, mobile usage is becoming more popular. Users are always on the move, which means they expect websites to load fast.

So what should you do to improve website speed?

  • Leverage browser caching on your website
  • Reduce the number of redirects on your site
  • Minify HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Optimize your images
  • Improve server response time

2. Use Live Chat

If you want to improve the user experience on your site, you should have live chat software.

Using live chat is one way of ensuring your website remains active most of the time. When customers or users visit your site, they can always have someone to talk to.

Live chat is there round the clock to ensure customer inquiries or questions are responded to. By ensuring 24 hours feedback, you can keep users glued to your website for the longest time.

Improve the accessibility of the live chat button if you want to boost your live chat usability. Your chat buttons should be more visible to make users decide to chat fast.

Make it easy for customers to notice the live chat by ensuring it is not distracting, jarring, and off-brand.

For instance, leading French bedroom furniture store Nicky Cornell has an easy-to-notice live chat feature that makes it easy to get immediate responses from customers that visit the online store.

Use live chat on your website

3. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The best you can do is make your website mobile-friendly if you want to improve your outreach. Most people use their mobile phones to browse online.

Therefore, if you can make your website mobile-friendly, you make it pleasing to most of your customers using smartphones, tablets, and desktops to access it.

If you are new to optimizing your website, you can seek the assistance of top eCommerce agencies to design your website and make it more responsive.

Making your website mobile-friendly and highly responsive is the best you can do. This is because Google and other search engines will penalize your website for not being responsive.

When you make your website responsive, you improve its visibility in search results, which means it gets to rank up.

To make your website mobile-friendly, you should:

  • Space out the links on your web pages
  • Use large fonts on texts
  • Reduce the number of pop-ups on the site
  • Make all the images published on your site lighter
  • Pick a mobile-responsive theme and template

4. Improve Site Navigation

The site navigation is the visitors’ guide to the most visited pages and best-selling products on your shelves. Having this in mind, you should focus on using a simple and easy-to-read language to ensure a user can comprehend your headings. This is one way of making new users or visitors convert when they come to your site.

Also, you want to avoid giving out more options to your visitors because it is more overwhelming. There is no specific number of options you should have. However, you want to keep the options between three and seven.

Navigation is the basis for your website because it forms the entire architecture of your site. You should look at the internal analytics and find out where most users head when they visit your website. The top-performing pages on your site should form categories for the navigation structure.

For example, Internal Doors UK has excellent top navigation that links to every primary category of doors. This makes it easier for the users to select a door category of their choice.

Internal Doors

Ensure elements like FAQ and content are well placed under each category. You should also make sure the home button appears farthest left on the top navbar because most visitors use this button to navigate back to the landing page.

5. Use Videos On Landing Pages

Another way of improving the user experience on your website is to use videos on landing pages. You can use an online video maker to create professional videos and add them to your landing pages.

Videos have the highest conversion and engagement rate, making them ideal for keeping most new users on your website.

Videos act as instructional content, which means they can be more valuable to your users. If you are launching a new brand in the market, video content is the best you can use to educate and inform your audience about your products and service.

If you want to improve user experience with video on landing pages, you should:

  • Make your video short and more informative
  • Include a call to action on the videos. At least 95% of users are more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video.
  • Create and add demos or explainer videos about your products and services.
  • Add FAQ videos about your products and services to answer most questions from your customers.

Final Thoughts

The best method to boost UX design on your site is to work for your platform and users. A well-designed UX is about directing the user to your business site’s resources and useful data. It is about limiting or cutting all that may be blocking their path to reaching their end goal. If you want to improve user experience on your site, you should employ the five tips to improve website user experience shared here.

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