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Designing A Health and Wellness Website: 10 Tips From Professionals

Designing A Health and Wellness Website
Yashwant Shakyawal

If you are planning on designing a website for the health and wellness niche, you’re in the right place. This guide will show you 10 tips for designing a health and wellness website that has the experience to help you build something user-friendly and informative.

If you are looking for inspirational designs, you may want to check out some of the websites on health and wellness. One of them is the Gallus Detox website. It’s user-friendly and has plenty of content for those looking for help in terms of addiction.

You can take a look at the website by going to this link here https://www.gallusdetox.com/locations/texas/dallas-detox-center/. Once you have a look at the site, continue on this guide to check out the following professional tips for building a health and wellness website. Here we go:

Make It As User-Friendly As Possible

User-friendliness is one way to make a website outstanding. That’s because you want them to navigate it without issue. If they are looking for something, they’ll find a specific page or use the search function.

You don’t want the website to be confusing or complex. Because that will get them to close it out quickly. Don’t make it look like an endless maze.

Create Helpful Content

People are looking for answers in terms of certain health and wellness topics. They are up at night trying to figure out what’s wrong. They are researching whether or not it’s necessary to seek medical advice for a health issue.

Creating content that is helpful and valuable can make your website more trustworthy and easy to find. Also, you’ll want your content to be SEO-friendly so people can find it using certain keywords on Google.

Provide Them With Contact Information

If you are building a website for a local medical facility, you’ll want to include the contact information people need so they can reach out to them. You can also give them options such as a phone number, email, and live chat.

People may have questions beyond the content you create. Plus, they want to hear from someone on the other end (that is a human being, not a bot). It also would be wise to remind people to dial 911 if they are dealing with a potential emergency.

Make It Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Almost everyone will be using their smartphones whether they’re home or elsewhere. You must make it as mobile-friendly as possible. This means that they can access it on their phone, tablet, or any mobile device that is Internet compatible.

If your website is not responsive, people will have a hard time navigating it on their devices. You can use platforms like WordPress and use a theme that is mobile responsive. This means you won’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out things (and entering complicated coding).

Make It Fast

Information is valuable. Mobile-friendliness makes it even easier to navigate. But there’s another thing you need to do.

You’ll want to make the website as fast as possible. This needs to be done on both the mobile and desktop versions. Use methods like enabling compression for files, optimizing images, and testing your site regularly.

If your website isn’t fast enough, people will leave it and it will also hurt your rankings on Google.

Make The Design Clean and Minimal

To improve user-friendliness and navigation, you’ll want to choose a design that is clean and minimal. This way, it will lessen any of the distractions that can come with complex designs that are packed with unwanted images, animations, and so on.

Speaking of distractions, our next tip will tie into minimizing those as much as possible.

Use Pop-Ups Strategically

One of the things that you need to do is utilize popups to collect information like emails. You can allow them the opportunity to subscribe to your email list for any updated information. This can also include appointment reminders or other information they’ll need to know.

Another pop-up you can include is a live chat option should they need it. Either way, you want them to be as less invasive and distracting as possible. Have one pop up as soon as they leave and suggest they sign up for their email list.

Give Them More Ways To Contact You

Go beyond your website and give them more ways to contact you. This includes letting them know that you’re on social media. Suggest that you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or any appropriate platform.

This will also be useful for promoting the content you have posted on your site. It can also draw in new and recurring visitors. Your website won’t be as effective if there is no traffic.

Make Sure You Have A Disclaimer

As such with health and fitness websites, you want to make sure that you have a disclaimer stating that the information on the site does not replace actual medical advice or care. Remind them to talk to their healthcare provider if they are dealing with potential issues.

You’re providing advice and valuable information. Once again, remind them to dial 911 in case of an emergency.

Think About Who You’re Targeting

Who is your target audience? Senior citizens? Active people, who love to exercise?

Think about who your website design companies are for. This way, you can create content that targets them and gives them the value they are looking for.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to design a health and wellness website, these ten tips for designing a health and wellness website listed above should be easy to follow. You’ll want to make it as user-friendly and informational as possible. Not to be outdone, it needs to perform in terms of speed and user-friendliness.

Put everything together and you’ll have a website that people will be happy to visit. Especially when they are looking for a solution to a problem that’s keeping them up at night.

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