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Are You Qualified to Answer all API 580 Exam Questions?

Yashwant Shakyawal

The API 580 testis the Risk Based Inspection certification exam that validates the candidate’s advanced knowledge and expertise in risk-based inspection on the basis of the information contained in API RP 580. For you to take this test, you need to have the API 510, 570, or 653 certifications. For the candidates who do not have the mentioned credentials, their qualifications will be determined on the basis of a combination of their education level and industry experience that they acquired in the past 10 years. Your level of experience does not need to be related to the inspection. The minimum requirements for the exam include:

• Engineering degree and 1-year experience in the petrochemical industry
• 2-year technical degree and 2 years of experience in the petrochemical industry
• High school graduate and 3 years of experience in the petrochemical industry
• No formal education and 5 years of experience in the petrochemical industry

The ideal applicants for the API 580test are petrochemical and refining inspectors and engineers, plant engineers, materials and corrosion engineers, non-destructive testing engineers, plant inspectors, and maintenance personnel. API 580 certification exam contains 70 multiple-choice questions. For you to pass this test, you need to score 70% or answer 49 questions correctly. You are required to complete the exam within 3 hours and 25 minutes.

Training Courses for the API 580 Exam

You need to enroll in the training courses to learn the concepts necessary to earn the certification. Here are the training courses for this certification test:

• Introduction to API 580
• RBI Assessment Update
• Planning of Mitigation Activities
• Documentation of RBI Assessment
• Identification of Damage Mechanisms
• Identification of the Probability of Failure
• Identification of Consequence of Failure
• The RBI Team and Planning the RBI Assessment
• Identification of Risk and Communication of Risk Results

This certification is approved to check the standards of all companies in the oil and chemical industry due to its unique set of industry standards that have become RAGAGEP (recognized and generally accepted as good engineering practice) for use. The top resource for the API 580 exam is the API RP 580, Risk-Based Inspection, Third Edition. This resource was designed by the American Petroleum Institute. It defines and interprets the core elements for designing, implementing, and operating a credible risk-based inspection program.

Tips for Passing the API 580 Exam

• Complete the training

The first step of passing the exam is to enroll in the training course. This is important because it helps you understand the topics listed in the course and to get the skills necessary for you to handle yourself in a professional setting. Learning takes place step by step and not within a day. You, therefore, need to trust the process and know that completing the course is beneficial to you. This stage is also important because you get to ask instructors questions in areas that you do not fully understand and get your concerns addressed. You also meet with fellow candidates who can share knowledge and resources with you.

• Review the objectives of the exam

The exam objectives walk you through the content of the test and enable you to focus on the topics that are relevant to the exam. You will also be able to create a study plan that is aligned with the content of the exam. Knowing what is expected of you helps you prepare well for it and that is the benefit you get from reviewing exam objectives. You can anticipate the type of questions that you will be asked and try coming up with proper responses which sharpen your mind and gets you ready for the actual test. If you understand the focus of the exam, you understand the exam and that is its idea.

• Exhaust all study materials

When you are preparing for this exam, you need more than just one method of study. You cannot depend on books only; you can go further and get preparation guides, watch videos, and use tutorials. This will widen your scope and give you the freedom to identify the study method you can stick with. Some study resources will be friendly to your learning style compared to others so you need to go through all of them. Completing the course alone does not guarantee success in the exam thus the candidates should come up with a study plan that will get them there all the way.

• Use practice tests and questions

Study guides contain quizzes at the end of each topic and you should try answering those questions to boost your readiness for the exam. There are also practice tests that you can take before you sit for the actual exam. These questions are designed in a similar manner to the actual exam questions which will help you gauge your level of preparedness for the certification test. You also get used to the exam atmosphere and learn how well to manage your time because the exam is delivered in the same way the real one is delivered. You should practice for the exam using legitimate resources to avoid being misled.

• Join study forums

There is no better way to prepare for this exam than to do it with fellow candidates and those who already attained their certification. Study forums are a great platform for students to brainstorm ideas and get tips on what works and what does not work when preparing for the exam. You may have questions about certain areas of the test and when you join such platforms, you may find that someone else asked the same question and that these questions were answered. This will help you cross all your concerns off the list as you prepare for the exam and give you a better passing chance.


Because the API 580 exam requires you to bring your experience level to the table, you need to rely on it every time you answer the questions. Put emphasis on mastering your skills so that you succeed in the exam and in the real world. Good luck!

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