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The Innovation That Helped Bloggers Influencers

The Innovation That Helped Bloggers Influencers
Yashwant Shakyawal

Link building and improving online authority is one of the primary objectives behind guest posting. But is it the only benefit, guest posting programs intend to deliver? To be honest, guest posting is not at all meant to build links but fairly means to build authority for the contributor. When you prospect blogs for guest posting. You actually, intend to cater to a group of users or Bloggers Influencers that do not know you. Reaching out to an unknown audience not only helps educate them about your writing. It can also help you establish your brand.

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In the digital era, where businesses are heading towards automation and digital economy, marketing strategies have also witnessed a shift. Let’s understand how does guest posting helps you with your marketing efforts and grow as a brand.

The Nike Story

In the year 2017, Nike reached out to a group of online influencers and recruited them to review its products unbiasedly. The influencers were allowed to use Nike Products and publish their reviews on their blogs and channels. Allowing influencers to create their own content, it helped the brand establish its very tag-line- “Just Do It!”. Which was clearly observed when the critics tore, ripped, and exposed. The products to the toughest of real-life situations, and not lab conditions.

The campaign received a stunning viewership of 11 million in all. This is the power of influencer marketing. A list of top blogger outreach services that specialize in content marketing can help you gain a lot more value for your brand than any other media.

Influencers Are Celebrities Of The Digital Era

Just like Hollywood celebrities are endorsed by brands to promote and advertise their products and services. Bloggers can do the same but on the online platforms. The only difference being, Hollywood celebrities influence their fans on-air, whereas, the Bloggers Influencers do it through their blogs and social media profiles.

In fact, it’s these Bloggers Influencers with sizeable audience and authority over their followers who can influence their readers to make a buying decision, referred to as influencers. When you employ these influencers for your marketing efforts, you stand a better chance at reaching your targetted audience and measure the results along.

Connecting With The Community Has Become Easier

With the help of these influencers, who can potentially influence their audience, building a community around your brand becomes a lot easier. Quoting The Nike Story once again, the brand allowed influencers with complete freedom to employ their creativity.

It is the way these influencers address issues for their audience which lets them leverage their audience’s interests. And just the way a good friend refers to a product or a service to you, an influencer refers to your products and services to their readers. Which, ultimately brings your target customer closer to your brand.

Having said that, kindled interest of your audience in your brand and your direct interaction with the customers, open up new horizons for a fresh customer base. Furthermore, this mass of educated users eventually turns into loyal customers for your brand. And therefore, bringing in more referrals for your business.

SEO Professionals Have Tapped Into The Opportunity

Since it is evident from the proven results of influencer marketing, brands and large organizations are keener than ever to exploit guest posting opportunities. Many digital marketers and SEO resellers are now offering it as a service. With completely white-label white-hat link building practices, these services are inclined to provide your brand with legitimate branding.

Moreover, the growing range of opportunities has led to a boon for individual marketers and resellers alike to expand their field of services. Earlier, what used to be a spammy and unauthentic practice, is now carried out in compliance with Google’s Webmasters’ Guidelines. Though Google considers paid link acquisition practices as fraudulent to online users, these programs understand how a natural link is built.

How Do Guest Posting Programs work?

To begin with, the link building and guest posting require identification of potential guest posting opportunities. The process is commonly referred to as blogger outreach and helps your brand connect with online influencers.

Once the suitable opportunities are sought and grabbed, a freshly brewed piece of content is optimized with your targeted keywords, along with an anchor text hyperlinked to a page on your website

Publishing this piece of content containing an editorial back-link for your website brings in authority for your website. It also brings in referral traffic and improves your ranking search results. Thus improving your brand’s visibility online and bringing in more business for you.


Although guest posting trades content to fetch links for your website, the benefits are far beyond just link building. And as far as branding is concerned, small companies and young entrepreneurs can tap into guest posting programs to grow their business as a brand.

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